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Botoma for hair Honma Tokyo: reviews of hairdressers

Products of the company HONMA Cosmeticos joined inEastern wisdom and Brazilian temperament. The founders of the brand are the family of Japanese healers, Honma. In Japan, they studied the herbs, various extracts and extracts. First, they created medicines, then went on to make cosmetics based on natural products.

After moving to Brazil, they created a company called HONMA Cosmeticos at the beginning of the millennium.

Now the brand "Honma Tokyo Professional" is developing technologies for the work of hairdressers. Their means help to straighten hair and restore their structure.

Hair straightening

There is no limit to perfection.That women curl their hair to get curvy curls or curls. They begin to level out all these, recently considered beautiful, curls. But, it turns out, it is not easier to do this than to twist it. We need special means for straightening hair.

straightening honma tokyo reviews

To straighten hair and make them not justsmooth, and flowing, shiny, you need special tools. In doing so, they should be as gentle as possible. After all, the alignment procedure is usually carried out for long hair.


Cosmetologists are constantly working on the problem of brittle hair. One of the solutions is karting. Hair is treated with special means, in the composition of which is keratin, and left onhalf an hour. During this time, it penetrates into the structure of the hair, filling the formed voids. As a result, the hair becomes firm, all defects are eliminated. So works and Botox for hair Honma Tokyo. User feedback testifies that after its application the appearance of the hair improves, it becomes easier to care for them.

Keratin reduction is included in all linescosmetics designed for straightening. There are several lines of funds from Honma Tokyo. Keratin straightening (reviews testify to this) with them can be done without unnecessary problems and harm to the hair. In their composition there is no formaldehyde, unlike similar preparations. Amino acids, selected for each type of hair, will make them stronger.

botoks for hair honma tokyo reviews

The system patented by the company "Moon Matrix" restores dry and brittle hair, makes them more elastic, makes them shine.

The finalizer included in each of the series works as an air conditioner after rinsing and protects the hair when it is ironed. He makes them soft and obedient.

honma tokyo keratin straightening reviews

The creators claim that they do not irritate the mucous, do not have a strong smell of Honma Tokyo's "Keratin Rectification".

The reviews remind that processed hair needs to be washed with low-sulfated professional shampoo. It does not wash away the keratin from the hair structure.

Cosmetics line "Honma Tokyo"

  • Botox for hair.
  • "Coffee Premium".
  • "The plasticity of Capillar."
  • "Melaleuca Blond".

Each of them has several means, steps with a number that corresponds to the order of use.

Botox for hair H-BRUSH Botox Capital

There is a line of two means. The first step is preparing a shampoo, the second is a reconstructor.

Keratin and amino acid cysteine, included in theircomposition, strengthen hair. This is valuable Botona Honma Tokyo. The comments of hairdressers indicate that after using the product, the curls do not break, and the tips do not split. Extracts of medicinal plants moisturize the hair and protect them from aging.

All this is done in order to perform alignment procedures. Drawing, ironing at a temperature of more than 200 degrees of unprepared hair will be disastrous for them.

keratin hair straightening honma tokyo reviews

The developers claim that they do not have a strongsmell and does not irritate the mucous hair botox for Honma Tokyo. Reviews also indicate that in fact, the smell of the product is strong enough. The expected effect is calculated up to 3 months.

Feedback from many users suggests that after a few weeks (one to three), the hair looks like a loofah or, at best, returns to its original appearance.

"Coffee Premium"

The line has three components:

  • shampoo, which qualitatively cleanses the hair;
  • means that promote treatment and leveling;
  • mask.

The main assets include crushed grains of arabica and aloe, amino acids and the Luna Matrix system. Preparations straighten hair, which are twisted, including so-called ethnic.

straightening hair honma tokyo reviews

The manufacturer claims that the tool should notirritate the mucous eyes, nose and throat. Reviews about it are mostly positive. The procedure itself is rather pleasant, only women complain of burning sensation in the eyes while applying the composition to the hair and processing them with ceramic iron.

The result of the procedure is soft, straight hair,which do not tumble, soldered ends. Women are pleased that they can be laid and make curls after straightening hair. Honma Tokyo (the company), whose product reviews are mostly positive, warns that hair can not be dyed two weeks before treatment, because the paint will not allow the keratin to evenly align the structure.

Some women claim that the tips of the hair become dry. Others complain that they quickly become fat.

Some users experience that hairafter treatment they ceased to shine. But to eliminate this defect, you just need to wash your head with a non-sulfate shampoo. After all, after the procedure in the hairdresser they are cleaned with clean water.

Biyouh Liss

This tool is different in that it can beused by pregnant women, as well as children. In its composition are only organic substances that do not cause allergies. These are various oils, tea leaf extract.

Hair should remain straight 2 months after keratin hair straightening was applied. Honma Tokyo, reviews of hairdressers confirm this, produces an excellent means for straightening.

«Kapilar plastic surgery»

Like most lines, this one has three tools:shampoo, preparation for cleaning and two funds to choose for treatment and leveling. One of them is better for using for curly, the other for wavy hair. Women with hard curls appreciated this Botox for hair Honma Tokyo. User feedback indicates that it helps to straighten any curls without spoiling them.

silicone spray silicon honma tokyo reviews

"Melaleuca Blond"

As the name implies, the complex is designed forsmoothing clarified or streaked hair. In addition to the shampoo for deep cleaning, contains two tools to choose from: to give softness or equalization. They contain keratin, extracts of medicinal plants, oil of buriti. The pigment of blue color, entering into the remedy, will make you a platinum blonde. The hair should be smooth and smooth from 3 to 6 months after you used keratin Honma Tokyo.

Feedback from many users suggests thathair for a long time remain perfectly even, while growing well. But some women claim that they become dry, and the hairstyle - shapeless.

Many users like the effect of such a procedure as straightening. Honma Tokyo, reviews of pregnant and lactating women even confirm this, it releases safe means for health.

Spray "Silicone" (Honma Tokyo)

The spray "Silicon" (Honma Tokyo) has synonyms -anti-curls, brightness, softness. These are the qualities that will be inherent in your hair after you apply silicone spray "Silicon" Honma Tokyo to them. Reviews say that the hair becomes nourished and shiny.

Curly hair after the first procedure will be slightly wavy. They can be aligned with a comb, pre-moisturizing. Holders of any hair can apply Honma Tokyo Botox.

The comments of hairdressers say that it is better to work with him in a respiratory mask, because the steam, although without a strong smell, settles in the lungs and creates a feeling of discomfort.