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Cosmetics for hair care John Frieda: consumer reviews

It does not require proof of the axiom of beauty,that healthy, shiny hair is the key to the success of any woman. Therefore, the means to maintain their excellent appearance deserve attention. The article gives an idea of ​​the products produced by John Frieda, reviews of hair care products give a good idea of ​​their quality and attractiveness for women.

About company

John Frieda has been around for 30 years.Its products enjoy success and recognition both among experts and among ordinary consumers. The founder of the firm John Frida independently, together with the staff of specialists in the field of chemistry and medicine, developed new formulas for improved hair cosmetics.

For example, the company began to create the serum Frizz-Ease Hair Serum. It became a real explosion in the world of stylists and hairdressers, giving new opportunities in caring for unruly hair.

Today, the brand is the most authoritative andrespected. He has a lot of awards and every year pleases customers with their novelties. Cosmetic means for hair care, produced by John Frieda, the reviews get quite eloquent. After all, the company is called the "engine of progress", and its developments always receive positive feedback.

Reviews of women about cosmetics John Frida

The range of funds that John offersFrida, allows each woman to choose what she needs. For example, it was this manufacturer who first proposed cosmetics for brunettes and blondes. Balsams, shampoos, conditioners, masks, rinses, paints and refreshing sprays are produced.

Women who have experienced the action of John Frieda cosmetic products on their hair, the reviews leave enthusiastic. There are funds designed for dyed, thin and curly hair.

For example, after using a shampoo,activating shades of light tones (platinum or champagne blond), the hair becomes more shiny and smooth, a natural volume appears. The shampoo itself has a pleasant smell, clear and liquid, forms a soft foam and rinses the hair well. Its effect is so effective that the first time removes all the funds used for styling from the hair.

Despite its purpose (shade shampoo), some consumers do not notice the changes in hair color. But the positive effect that gave shampoo John Frida, consider the appearance of gloss and amplificationnatural color of hair. This is exactly what the manufacturers promised, saying that the product helps to smooth out the richness of the tone and the brightness of shades of light hair. Women get a wonderful result and they are satisfied with it. The formula of shampoo includes natural components, which undoubtedly has a beneficial effect on the hair condition: chamomile, lemon peel, sunflower seeds.

Other women who experienced shampoos together withconditioner, tell that their hair has acquired softness, shine and has become pleasant to the touch. The means for curly hair enhance the effect of the natural wave, keep the shape in any weather. Applying cosmetics John Frieda, women's reviews do not become disappointed. Although not all get the promised result. Someone talks about the lack of volume, someone complains that the hair has become dry or no shades have appeared after a special remedy. However, most agree that the British brand in many ways helped to make their hair look more beautiful.

Ведь попробовав шампуни, бальзамы и кондиционеры from John Frieda, reviews often leave without criticism. Shampoos do not confuse hair, make them more elastic, obedient, support them after staining. Rare negative responses to John Fried cosmetics are due to improper selection of funds by type of hair and skin of consumers, or they have faced a fake. But most women, choosing products of the British brand, remain true to him, because cosmetics helps them keep their hair beautiful, well-groomed and look like a queen.