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Botox for eyelashes: reviews and photos

Most women use mascara daily forgiving the eyelashes volume and density. The constant use of cosmetics worsens the condition of the eyelashes and changes their structure. As a result, they become thin and weakened. Botox allows you to restore your eyelashes and make them more beautiful.

Botox for the eyelashes - what is it?

Reviews of many women positively describea completely new cosmetic procedure - Botox eyebrows and eyelashes. This is an innovative system for the care of eyelashes, which is based on the use of special serum.

Many mistakenly think that botox eyelashes provides for the injection of injections under the skin. In fact, this procedure is completely painless and occurs without nyxes.

Before the application of the fixed asset, at willwomen, spend dying and curling cilia. Thus, during the procedure, you can change the color of the eyelashes and their shape. Botox result - smooth, even, beautifully curved and dark eyelashes. They find a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Compared with the build-up and other salon procedures, Botox eyelashes has almost no contraindications and does not require further care for the treated cilia.

Due to the presence of active components botox promotes the growth of hairs. Under the influence of serum, the functions of the ciliary follicle improve.

Now all beauty salons offer such a service as botox eyelashes. Botox Lashes, reviews about which are mostly positive, often use celebrities and stars.

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Botox Lashes is a completely new, but popular procedure. She was recognized by women because of the following advantages:

  1. Painless and safe. The likelihood of injuring the skin or eyes is excluded.
  2. Absence of any restrictions. After applying Botox, you can swim, visit the sauna, swim in the sea and even sleep face in the pillow, which can not be done, for example, with lashes.
  3. Instant result that lasts up to 3 months.
  4. After botox you can use cosmetics. Eyelashes can be dyed, treated with moisturizing oils, applied to make-up remover.
  5. Ease of carrying out.Even at home, you can do botox for the eyelashes. Comments of women who have decided to independently conduct this procedure are positive. If you strictly follow the instructions, you can get the desired effect.

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Active Components

High efficiency of the procedure is achieved due to the unique composition of the means by which botox is applied for the eyelashes. Women's feedback often refers to useful components.

The composition of means for botox includes:

  1. Keratin - improves the structure of the hairs and moisturizes them. It favorably affects chemically and physically destroyed hair. Keratin restores damaged cilia and gives them firmness.
  2. Collagen - promotes the regeneration of cilia and protects them from the adverse effects of external factors.
  3. Argan oil - nourishes the eyelashes.
  4. Panthenol - saturates the hair with vitamin B and smoothes the cuticles of the hair shaft.
  5. Hyaluronic acid - moisturizes the eyelashes.
  6. Tocopherol - promotes the rejuvenation of cilia and eyelid skin. This antioxidant allows you to prolong the youthfulness of the eyes.

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Before the procedure must be removed from the eyecosmetics and degrease the treated area with special make-up remover. Then, on the clean dry cilia of the lower eyelid, a protective patch is applied. On the upper eyelashes are superimposed silicone rollers. At this stage, it is important that the eyelashes tightly adhere to the ridges from the very roots, otherwise it will not be possible to get a beautiful bend.

At the next stage, differentcompositions. First, eyelashes are treated with a biocoenic agent. Then the hairs are painted in the desired color. For coloring, you can use colors of any shade, from classic to more rare. The final step is to apply a feeding serum. This tool helps to strengthen the eyelashes and fixes the result of the previous two funds.

Each of these formulations should be aged from 5 to 10 minutes. After this time, the product is thoroughly washed off with a cotton disc.

To enhance the effect of botox can be coveredeyes with foil or polyethylene. Thus, a warming mask is obtained, which allows useful substances to penetrate more quickly into the eyelashes and act better on them. The whole procedure lasts no more than 2 hours.

The result of the procedure is immediately noticeable.Cilia become more curved, bulky and shiny. The best confirmation of the effect of botox eyelashes - photos before and after. The comments of women who tried this procedure contain high marks. The procedure gives the eyelashes expressiveness and natural beauty.

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Contraindications to the procedure are:

  • individual intolerance to certain components;
  • trauma of the eyelids, wounds and previous operations on the eyes;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin of the eyelids;
  • severe tearing;
  • propensity to allergies;
  • eye diseases.

Possible consequences

Botox eyelashes is considered a safe procedure withpositive effect. Only in very rare cases can there be a rash and redness of the skin around the eyes. People with sensitive skin can swell a little eyelids. Such reactions are peculiar to people prone to allergic reactions. To such women before procedure it is recommended to receive consultation at the cosmetician and to pass the test for sensitivity to structure of used means.

According to experts, almost all women cando botox for the eyelashes. The reviews, the consequences of the procedure and the positive comments of cosmetologists indicate a minimal risk of harm to the eyes.

Botox Eyelash or Lamination Reviews

Features of eyelash care after

The first 12 hours after the procedure, you can not wet your eyes. Already the next day, eyelashes can be safely washed with water, dyed with mascara and even sleep face in the pillow.

Special care for eyelashes is not required. During the procedure, the hairs become healthy and receive the necessary nutrients.

One time is enough for several months.Cosmetologists advise every 4-5 weeks to do Botox for eyelashes. The reviews of many women concern the duration of the preservation of the result. Most argue that the procedures last only 1 month. After this time new hairs start to grow, and from old the paint starts to be washed off.

Which is better: botox eyelashes or lamination

Reviews of women are divided.According to the observations of cosmetologists, many clients prefer laminating the eyelashes, considering this method the most effective. But if you compare botox and lamination, the first procedure has more advantages. So, Botox treatment consists of 3 main stages. When laminating, the master applies the tool 5 times. Accordingly, this method requires more time.

When using Botox almost immediately you canwash, paint and do any business without fear of damaging the eyelashes. After lamination, a woman can not wash herself for the first 24 hours and is forbidden to dye her eyes for about 1.5-2 months.

If you evaluate the procedures for safety for health, the botox is more sparing. It can be applied at least every month. For comparison, lamination is not recommended to be done more than 2 times a year.

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Cost of the procedure

Depending on the skills of the wizard and thematerials the price for botox for eyelashes can be from 1200 to 3500 rubles. Usually the cost of such a service does not exceed 1500 rubles. Only famous cosmetologists and expensive beauty salons can significantly raise the price, arguing this with professionalism and vast experience.

If the masters perform botox eyelashes at home, the price for such services will be significantly less.


Among those who tried botox for eyelashes andeyebrows, reviews mostly positive. Women noted that eyelashes have changed markedly. They immediately became long and voluminous. According to women, after botox cilia began to grow better and acquired a healthy shine. Almost all noted the great benefits of the procedure, so they constantly make botox eyelashes. Testimonials from the photo illustrate the effect of this cosmetic method on eyelashes of different lengths.

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Some women were not very satisfied with the procedure. According to their feedback, the result is only enough for a month. Eyelashes are quickly updated and after 3-4 weeks they get the same look.