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Candy "Chio-Rio": composition and energy value

For today in many shops it is possiblesee a fairly wide range of confectionery products, including sweets. Among them, you can pay attention to the sweetness of the domestic producer, for example, sweets "Chio-Rio". Composition, energy value and much more - this will be discussed in this article.

candy chio rio composition

Appearance and design of the wrapper

Candy "Cio-Rio", produced by the Russianproducer "Yashkino", can please an amateur to enjoy a pleasant taste. The candy itself is made in the form of a small bar, which distinguishes it from others, having a standard rectangular shape. The top layer is made of delicate milk chocolate, followed by caramel, and the inner layer is a combination of cocoa butter, sugar powder and air rice.

The wrapper of chocolate chocolates "Cio-Rio" resembles the Japanese style: on a white background there are flowers of sakura and fans. Also, each bar is wrapped, in addition to the main wrapper, in silver foil.

What are the

In any confectionery products, includingsweets "Cio-Rio", the composition - one of the important criteria for choosing a particular brand. Unfortunately, it is not indicated on the wrapper of the treats in question, as the list of ingredients is quite large. Also, those who follow their figure, have to pay attention to the energy value of the product.

So what are the "Cio-Rio" sweets made of? Composition:

  • Milk chocolate mass, containing cocoa both in the form of oil and powder;
  • granulated sugar;
  • whole milk powder and whey;
  • flavoring vanillin;
  • emulsifier E322.

This is not the whole list.What do Cio-Rio sweets do? The composition of the treat is quite complicated. The manufacturer indicates that they also contain palm and rapeseed oil, condensed milk, salt, starch syrup, biscuit balls, carrageenan as a thickener, and sorbitol, used as a water-retaining component. The manufacturer notes that the product may contain traces of nuts, sesame and even eggs.

candy chio rio calorie

Energy value

For some buyers it is very important to knowthe energy value of the foods they eat. Not exception and candy "Cio-Rio." Caloric content of these chocolate bars is quite high: 510 kcal per 100 g of weight. However, confectionery products are always famous for being very nutritious.

As for customer feedback,mostly positive. People note some taste similarity to all the famous "Mars" bar. Also, chocolates "Cio-Rio" are affordable and can be an excellent choice for a family tea party.