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Hair color "Brilliance": a palette for every taste

From time to time, many womenThe fair sex are resolved to change the color of the hair. The reason for this is the desire to change, change the image and style, try a new image or just paint over the gray hair. And then there is the problem of choosing the right tool. One of the most popular in the market is hair dye "Brilians", the palette of which can boast an extensive set of shades and tones.

hair dye briliance palette

From the manufacturer

This well-known company makes this line"Schwarzkopf", which already speaks in favor of product quality. The manufacturer claims that the hair dye "Brilliance" (reviews this confirm) - a real find, if you want to pick up a bewitching and stylish color. Shevelura after coloring will acquire a healthy glow, shine, softness and brightness. Persistent coloring is provided by the presence of special coloring pigments that are not washed off for a long time from the curls, and the color persists even after several weeks. At the same time, the effect on the hair structure is very mild, without aggressive influence and damage. In addition, this product embodies a wonderful combination of affordable prices (around two hundred rubles) and high quality.

hair dye briliance reviews

Set of colors in the line

So, the hair color "Brilians" is chosen.Its palette contains the most exquisite and luxurious shades: from classic black to low-key, light, a large selection of colors for lightening at once for several tones, solutions for cold blondes, amber and pearl shades. There are chic copper and rich red colors, golden, as well as rich options for brunettes (blue-black, like a raven's wing, anthracite, bordeaux), as well as dark chili, shining and deep chestnut, red caramel and even black-red . In total, the palette contains more than sixty different colors and tones.

hair dye briliance photo

How to choose the right color

Hair color "Brilliance", the palette of whichcan boast of such a rich set of shades, it will perfectly suit any curls. But which color to choose, so as not to lose and not repaint again? First of all, one must proceed from the initial color of the head of hear, as well as the color appearance of the exterior. If you just want to emphasize it, then the paint is better to choose the same tone or tone darker (lighter) of your hair. For a radical change, you can choose one of the brightest shades. It is worth remembering that dark tones emphasize age, and lighter ones help to hide it. A good solution will be, for example, "frosty chestnut" for brunettes and a warm "amber blond" for blondes. Hair dye "Brilliance" (the photo fully conveys the entire depth of the new color) softly dyed curls and will stay on them for a long time (durability is achieved through the use of a special color protection system).

Use of the tool

So, the hair color "Brilians" was bought,The palette is studied, the most optimal color is selected. To start the staining, you just need to stir the developer and cream, distribute the product along the entire length of the curls and leave for half an hour. Wash off with warm water, preferably using balm. Everything, the hair is painted.