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Botox contraindications and general information

Botox is a cosmetic preparation that is a natural purified protein. It is able in small doses to relax the overactive muscles, because of which the folds, shifted eyebrows are formed.

Botox appeared due to long-term experiments and research, which were conducted in the early 20th century and were directed to find a powerful biological weapon.

Botox suppresses a nerve impulse thattransmitted from the brain to the muscle. And so the muscle contraction is blocked, and the blood circulation is not disturbed. The muscle becomes relaxed, and muscle atrophy does not occur. The effect of the treatment that the drug provides is that the nutrition of the epidermal cells is restored when the nerve impulse is suppressed. But it is important to know botox contraindications.

This procedure lasts about fifteen minutes, shekeeps muscles wrinkles for about six months. Botox is a simple, less aggressive, quicker way to do a facelift. Patients starting from age 25, this procedure is best suited. People 65 years of age are better off doing other procedures because their wrinkles do not change, relaxing the face. All people are different. Those who want to get rid of wrinkles, it is best to go to a consultation with a highly qualified cosmetologist who will develop an individual treatment plan.

Botox contraindications.Complete contraindications: the presence of hypersensitivity to botulinum toxin type A, intolerance of the drug, the presence of blood diseases (associated with poor coagulation: leukemia, hemolytic anemia, hemophilia, thalassemia, von Willebrand disease, lymphogranulomatosis, the presence of neuromuscular diseases (manifested in rapid muscle fatigue and weakness ), chronic lung diseases, violations of the endocrine system, somatic diseases in severe form, the omission of soft tissues .On Botox contraindications are necessary.

Contraindications:at an aggravation of the general or common diseases, all over again they need to be cured; pregnancy, lactation; infectious, catarrhal, inflammatory diseases; there should be no inflammatory infections; after surgical plastic surgery; after peeling, polishing the skin, as the skin becomes very sensitive, and the drug will only have a negative effect; the use of antibiotics (painkillers strong, anticoagulants, antiaggregants, relanium, erythrimycin, lincomycin, relanium, tetracycline).

There are people who are not sensitive to Botox,because of the presence of specific antibodies in the body. Before the procedure, a specialist makes a thorough examination. The cosmetologist conducts tests to identify any diseases in which botox is contraindicated or they will affect the result of the injection. And then the decision is made whether to do Botox.

How much does Botox.The cost of botox injection is calculated by adding the prices for one Botox unit. For example, if the price of one botox unit is 180 rubles, and the dose of the injected drug is from 15 to 30 units. That procedure will cost 6,000 rubles. But only the doctor will be able to determine how many units a patient needs. And three days after the procedure, the patient does not recognize his forehead, as he became smooth.

Botox lip price.Botox does not enlarge the lips, it affects the facial wrinkles. The facial expression will be the same, and there will be no wrinkles. This procedure takes fifteen minutes. The average cost per unit is 300 rubles. Botox injections are necessary only in specialized well-known clinics, in which all the rules of hygiene and cleanliness are observed. Do not also trust low prices, always check the availability of certificates and the expiration date of the drug.

Given all botox contraindications, you can make the right choice, whether it is worth doing an injection of this drug.