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The best beauty salons of Ufa

The development of the beauty industry makes it possible to usenew efficient technologies. It was a long time ago when it was necessary to turn to expensive foreign clinics or go to the capital to get high-quality cosmetic services. Now it is enough to come to a well-established beauty salon in any city. Which salons in Ufa are the most reliable?

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Beauty salon La Vella

Especially popular is the beauty salon La Vella. Location: st. Yuri Gagarin, 38.

The team working in the company deserveda lot of positive feedback from the residents of the city: many years of experience, constant competitions and professional development support the high rating of specialists and the salon as a whole. Many of the hairdressers were trained in Vella studios.

Beauty salon in Ufa renders the following services:

  • make-up artist's work (make-up for different occasions, eyebrow shaping, eyelash extension);
  • manicure cabinet (nail extension and cover, manicure, nails strengthening, classical, hardware and European manicure);
  • hairdressing salon: male (haircut, washing, styling), female (haircuts, hairstyles, lamination, lightening, dyeing, waving, hair removal procedures, hair straightening, botox, head skin peeling);
  • cosmetic cabinet (various peelings, face cleaning, depilation, hair removal)
  • communication with a specialist about self-care.

Beauty salon "Kamelle"

golden sun ufa beauty salon

A place where you can not only bring beauty, but also learn to do some procedures yourself, is the beauty salon "Kamelle".

Main specialization:eyelash sessions, build-up, lamination, strengthening. Anyone can take courses on the art of eyelash extension with Kamelle specialists for a fee, get a certificate that allows them to conduct independent activities.

In addition, in this salon you can get services for massage and manicure.

Company address: ул. Revolutionary, 66.

Spa-center of health and beauty «Lavande»

If the company has survived in the spherebeauty industry for more than 10 years, it means that it has won the hearts of a large client base, thanks to careful attitude to visitors and highly-performed services. The beauty salon of Ufa "Lavande" is one of such - it has been opening its doors for customers for more than 15 years, and is always on hearing.

Specialization of the company:

  • cosmetology (hardware procedures:cleansing of the face with ultrasound, lifting, botox, microcurrents and others; aesthetic sessions: the procedures of the well-known cosmetic lines; waxing and shugaring).
  • beauty (hairdressing salon, nail service, make-up);
  • SPA-center (solarium, aroma capsule, massage, stone therapy, myostimulation, peelings, wraps and much more).

Location: st. Dostoevsky 100/1.

Health and Beauty Center "Golden Sun"

beauty salon vella ufa

This institution is a place for rest andhave a nice chat. In Ufa beauty salon "Golden Sun" - the only center that provides a huge range of services: from the simplest changes in the hairstyle to serious cosmetic procedures.

The schedule of work "Golden Sun" (from 9.00 to 23.00) allows even the busiest businesswomen to come and update their image, take care of the skin and the body as a whole.

For body care Ufa beauty salon offers the following procedures:

  1. Wellness: massages, hardening, whirlpool, salt mines, toning, cedar barrel.
  2. Correction of the figure: hydromassage, scrubbing, lymph drainage, wrapping, pressotherapy, hamam, anti-cellulite programs.

Hair in modern conditions requires a specialcare, because styling, hairstyles, constant thermal effects make them lifeless and brittle. In the center of health, massage the head, peelings and sanitation with serums, and in the end will make a haircut and beautiful styling.

A similar serious approach to the nails and face.

Address: 5/2 Prospekt.

Beauty salons of Ufa are located in all partscities. Some have a specific specialization, and some provide a wide range of services, but we can confidently say that in Ufa there are specialists of the highest level who are not afraid to entrust their beauty.