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What is the meaning of religious tattoos?

Drawing the drawings on the body in ancient times was done to demonstrate the person's belonging to a particular tribe, faith or status.

What do religious tattoos mean?

Today, in almost every case, tattoos bear an aesthetic character and are made for the decoration of body parts. But nevertheless, many conclude in them a certain semantic load.

Religious tattoos are made by people who belong to one or another faith, they are usually performed not only for decoration, but also for protecting a person from dark forces, to influence fate.

religious tattoos

Each religion has certain symbolic signs, thanks to which it is possible to distinguish it among the others.

History of tattoos

Tatu on a religious theme arose in ancient times.A peculiar mark of the religions of Palestine were ritual drawings. In Christianity, this was banned, but this did not lead to the extinction of tattoos in the faith. Pilgrims still practiced tattoos, which were applied by Coptic priests and were performed in the form of drawings of Our Lady with Jesus, St. Peter. Tattoo icons can often be seen on the human body. Muslims decorated themselves with tattoos dedicated to Mecca and Medina. The symbol of the drawings was purification after death.

Facts have been found about controversial practicessimilar kind of tattoos that were applied in the Balkans. Bosnia and Croatia were characterized by a kind of ethnic tattoos, but during the period of Muslim raids they acquired a different color. At this time the warring parties left drawings on the bodies of women, showing their belonging to the opponents.

tattoo on a religious theme

The religious symbolism ofbelievers, they are tattooing to be closer to God, but not all religions inherent in the change of the body. Religious tattoos reached the level when they began to be considered a separate direction in tattoo practice. Such drawings are incredibly difficult to perform, and they only need to be trusted by an experienced master. Sometimes the tattoo with the image of the Holy can be done for quite a long time, but in the end an incredible and unique picture is obtained.

Tattoos - a way of repentance

However, not always religious tattoos are appliedbelievers, since faith is primarily an inner state. Such drawings can often be found on the body of criminals who resort to them for the purpose of repentance. As a rule, these are all kinds of crucifixes, crosses, domes and other religious symbols.

tattoo icons

Christianity, both before and nowcan not accept tattoos of religious themes, but completely reject them too. The Bible has a quote that explains this: "Do not cut for the dead on your body and do not carry pinned writings on yourself."

One thing is for sure:tattoos, related to religion, are very relevant today. They are a means of protection against misfortunes and evil forces. In any case, making a drawing on the body or not is the choice of everyone. But before you apply anything, you need to study the meaning of the tattoo, because it will be with you for life.