/ / Nudist beaches: there are no "strawberries" here!

Nudist beaches: there are no "strawberries" here!

nudist beaches
More recently, Soviet men dreamed ofget on a nudist beach. According to my acquaintances I know how oily their eyes became when they imagined this "abode of vice". Now any more or less well-off person can easily get on the best nudist beaches in the world. So what? It turns out that these beaches have nothing to do with vice, flirting and other, almost forbidden pleasures. Most people who visit nudist beaches (I'm talking about foreigners) are not at all concerned with finding adventures or spicy spectacles.

On the contrary, people come here who preach FreieKorper Kultur, or the "culture of the free body." They are naked not because they are concerned, but because they want to be natural. That's why there are strict rules, to adhere to which is recommended to all such "beach", so as not to fall into a ridiculous or unpleasant situation

Nudist beaches of the world. Behavior rules

  • Beaches can be officially authorized or"Wild." Going to the first, make sure that there is a sign "nudist / topless / free beach" or "FKK-Strand". Otherwise, you may be taken away by the police or local residents tired of the sight of naked and not always beautiful bodies will be stoned.
     nude beach photo
  • Nudist beaches do not mean erotica.Therefore, when visiting such a place, make every effort to keep your curiosity and excitement securely hidden. This is especially important for men whose interest in the opposite naked sex often manifests itself not only in the eyes. By the way, sunglasses also do not interfere. The best way of behavior: came to the beach - read the book.
  • Do not leave compliments to strangers. In many countries, this is considered harassment, violation of rights and persecuted.
  • Do not forget about sunscreen. What is usually hidden, easily burns.
  • In some countries, nudism is prohibited in principle.For example, in LAE or Saudi Arabia for a public exposure you can get several years in prison. So, going to sunbathe, first find out how the country is related to nudism.

The best nudist beaches in the world. Short review

Here I'll simply list which beaches are popular with tourists from all countries.

  • nudist beach dunes
    The nearest nudist beach "Dunes" is inPeter. Located on a neutral strip between Russia and Finland, it was introduced by the Americans in the catalog of the best holiday destinations for nudists. The beaches in Foros, Koktebel and Kazantip are somewhat easier to look at.
  • The most exotic beach of Hawksbill Bay is on the Caribbean islands. Luxurious nature and excellent infrastructure are its distinctive features.
  • "Equality and brotherhood" is the motto of the largest French Cape d'Agde. Smaller in size, but not worse than the beaches for nudists in Cavalier and Saint-Tropez.
  • The most beautiful and slightly extreme nudistThe beach (photo above) is in Hawaii (the island of Maui) and is called Little Beach. In order to get to the wild, fenced off from extraneous views of wild territory, this very rock will have to be overcome. The beach is informal, but no one is driving nudists from there.
  • Naturally, there is more than one such beach in Ibiza. They are numerous in Spain, on the islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Menorca. So fans of continuous tanning is where to relax.