/ How to use a hair roller?

How to use a hair roller?

A hair roller is a simple device,using which women achieve more hair in their hair. Owners not so luxurious head of hair (and in length and density) with his help you can perform the most complex and voluminous hairstyles. Often masters use several different rollers in their work. Such an accessory should be in the arsenal of every fashionista.

hair roller

How to buy a hair roller?

These devices can be bought in those stores,where all products for hairdressers are sold. But some girls think that there is no point in paying for what they can do on their own. The hair roller is easy to make by following our instructions. There are several types of rollers:

  • Flat rollers, which simply lay underdesign hair and mask your own hair. These rollers are like pads. The main requirement for them is lightness. Ready-made products do not always correspond to this characteristic. Therefore, you can take a bunch of artificial or natural hair, fasten them with an elastic band and comb. Then form a pillow from this mass and place it in the hair net, fix or sew up the entrance. Such a roller for hair will be simply weightless and it will be very natural to look in a hairdress.
  • Roller-ring.It reminds in the form of a bagel and is used in combination with various "tails". Make it simple. Take two golf courses (preferably terry). Cut in each finger part. First, turn out one sock, forming a "bagel" from it. After that, insert the rolled golf inside the other and continue to turn the roller. The hole in it will become narrower, and the diameter will be larger. You do not need to fix this hair roller.

How to use this device?

Try to make yourself a beautiful and romantic hairstyle with a low knot, using a roller-ring. Sequence of work:

  • Comb your hair, gently comb it at the roots to give volume, and tie the tail with a rubber band.
  • Put the hair roller on the tail. The photo shows in detail how to do it.
    hair roller photo
  • Take another rubber band and put it on top of the roller and your own hair. Straighten the strands so that the hair roller is not visible.
    hair roller how to use
  • Loose hair that is not used in the hairstyle is distributed on two sides and braids each strand in a neat pigtail. Tie up the ends with silicone rubber bands.
  • The last operation - wrap the pigtails around the knot and securely fix them with hairpins, hiding under the hair.
  • Lacquer will fix this hairstyle.
    hairstyle with a roller

How to use flat cushions?

This type of roller is used in hairstylessolemn, podium, wedding, graduation, etc. In order not to make extensive hair traumatizing hair, hairdressers attach a hair roller under the curls and then model the hair. The color of the bead is of no fundamental importance, because, as a rule, the rollers are not visible under the hair. If you do not be lazy and make a hair roller for yourself, then there is a lot of room for fantasy in your hair.