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Who goes to the dark-ash-blond hair color?

Many women, regardless of raceaccessories, nature is given a dark ash-blond hair color. For many years it was considered unattractive, dim, resembling a mouse color, rather than a noble shade of ringlets. However, given the current trends, which are oriented towards naturalness and naturalness, such a tone became relevant. As a result, even those ladies who are naturally light-colored, or vice versa, owners of black hair, want to have a dark-ash-blond hair color, and go for this to the most expensive procedures.

darkly ashy light brown hair color

The uniqueness of the light brown shades lies in the fact,that they are universal. Equally beautifully, such colors look like with porcelain white skin, and with tanned. Also it should be noted that the dark ash-blond hair color will perfectly match with any eyes, whether they are whitish-blue, emerald-green or brown, almost black. The only type of women, on which such a tone of hair will look unattractive, is the eastern one. As in Arab beauties, and in the inhabitants of the Far East, the warm colors look perfect. If hair is painted in ashy tone, identity will be lost.

dark blond ashy hair color

Dark ash-blonde hair color gives her owner the charm of a blondeand severity of brown-haired. In fact, this shade is neither that, nor another, it carries out a connecting role between them. So, a girl who has the appropriate tone of curls does not look too innocent, but not too strict. This color is ideal for businesswomen, social workers and government agencies. However, these days he has gained great popularity among models, actresses and other celebrities.

As mentioned above, dark blond, ashyhair color is natural for most young ladies, but many of them hide it under a layer of paints of black or red tones or bleach with hydroperite. If you are one of those, but want to look natural, then return this tone will be easy. To get out of white, two stains with a period of two to four weeks will suffice. If you previously dyed hair in black tones, then they must first be clarified, and then several times painted with the proper tone. A similar procedure is typical for red curls.

It is also important to know that the color of the hair is ashy-fairy- cold, so visually he will make the face older. Also this tone can accentuate small skin imperfections and make the oval face more distinct. However, at the same time, such a tone of hair makes the facial features more expressive, accentuates the eyes and highlights the cheekbones. And all that you have left with such hair is to carefully monitor yourself, in order to always look perfect.

hair color ashly blond cold

Cold and dark blond shades on the hair are oftengive a green, which many consider undesirable. However, this phenomenon is quite natural, so if, after staining, your locks have become just such - that means everything is in order. You can kill this effect by using a tonic of warm shade ("champagne", "light copper", etc.), but in this case you risk ruining the whole beauty of blond hair.