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The Jerusalem Cross is a symbol of Christians

Jerusalem is a favorite place for believers in allof the world. Every year millions of pilgrims visit the Holy Land to worship holy places, pray for the health of their loved ones, beg for sins and just visit where Jesus Christ was two thousand years ago. In Jerusalem, there are a lot of iconic places and shrines that gather people from all over the world. All of them hope to beg forgiveness for their mistakes and receive the blessing of the Lord.

The most important place for worship isThe Wailing Wall, in place of which once was the Temple of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is rich in holy places, but this is the main one. Built the church was still King Solomon, but its history is quite tragic. She suffered from conquerors, then from fires. The First Temple was destroyed to its foundations, but soon the Second Temple was built in its place. The erected building was much inferior in beauty to the original building, but still revered by all believing people. The rebuilt shrine was burnt to ashes during the Jewish War. All that remains to this day is a wall to which believers converge to ask for help from the Lord.

The Jerusalem Cross
Having visited the Holy Land, you can not returnhome empty-handed. Here at every step a huge number of souvenirs are offered: icons, crosses, bracelets, key rings, rosaries, red threads, chanukias and many more. But the tourists are most interested in the Jerusalem cross. You can buy a cross from gold or another metal. He will become a real amulet and talisman, protecting his owner from troubles.

The Jerusalem cross consists of one largecross and four small ones. There are several of its designations. According to one of them, it symbolizes Jesus Christ and his four apostles who wrote the four Gospels. There is an assumption that this symbol denotes Jesus himself and the four wounds he received during the crucifixion. There is also a third version, according to which the Jerusalem Cross is a symbol of crucifixion and four nails found in the Holy Land.

The cross from gold
Very often this symbol is confused with a crosscrusaders, but they are completely different. The symbol of the Crusaders looks like a red equilateral cross on a white background. He was worn with all the crusades. It is believed that the Jerusalem Cross is a sign of the knightly order of the tomb of Jesus. This order exists in our time. He cooperates with the Catholic Church, remains faithful to the Pope, promotes the spread and strengthening of the Catholic faith.

The Jerusalem cross is used not only in the formornaments. It is very often seen on the covers on the altar. He is also depicted on the flag of Georgia. Although this symbol is one, but there are several of its modifications, which are symbols of various spiritual and military-monastic orders, including the Order of the Holy Sepulcher and the Order of the Knights Templar (Solomon's Temple).

Temple of Jerusalem
This cross is considered to be the symbol of the firstChristians, therefore it promotes the unification of all Christian churches. Maybe that's why he is depicted as a mosaic on the tombstone of the leader of the group Civil Defense, Yegor Letov. He revered this symbol, calling it a cross. It is considered that the Jerusalem cross protects from adversity, it gives peace. And many other European award orders have this form. Perhaps such a tradition has come to us from the time of the Crusades, when the knights returned from the East with such distinctive signs.