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Granadilla - Fruit: description and photo

Granadilla is a tropical fruit, exotic.This plant grows in two dozen edible versions. But only five of them have become widespread. The most famous is passionfish. In the world, only one crop of Granadilla is harvested every year. And transportation to other countries is complicated by the fact that this fruit is perishable and, unfortunately, is not stored for a long time.

Geography of distribution

Granadilla from the family Passionate. This fruit is most common in Africa, South America, Central Mexico. And also grown on such islands as Jamaica, Hawaii and Haiti.

granadilla fruit

Appearance of Grenadilla

Гранадилла – фрукт, имеющий яйцевидные плоды с seeds. Their diameter is on average six to eight centimeters. The rind is hard and slippery, but very thin. Color of granadilla can vary in different shades - yellow, red and orange. Ripe fruit is covered with small black specks, chaotically scattered over the flesh, which is similar to jelly. The taste of the fruit is watery-sweet, slightly similar to the berries of gooseberry.

Beneficial features

Like most tropical fruits, the Granadilla- a fruit with more water. It can be up to eighty percent of the pulp. Therefore, the granadilla perfectly quenches thirst and saturates the body. There are no contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the fruit or susceptibility to allergic reactions. Due to the large content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, the use of granadilla:

  • has a restorative effect on the body;
  • allows to resist catarrhal diseases;
  • helps strengthen hair, bones and nails.

Granadilla is an exotic fruit that contains littlefats and carbohydrates, is easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, the grenadilla is included in dietary rations, which allows you to quickly lose weight. Thanks to the iron contained in the fruit, grenadilla influences blood well. Therefore, fruit is often used to treat anemia. In addition, the use of granadilla helps to get rid of asthma, headaches and insomnia.

sweet grenadilla

The nutritional value

The fetus contains between two and four percentfat and ten grams of dietary fiber. This gives the human body additional energy. A hundred grams of fruit contains 0.5 percent of proteins. Sweet grenadilla is very rich in vitamin C. In addition to it, the fruit contains vitamins K, B (2, 6 and 9), PP and choline. There are a lot of fruits in the fruit:

  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • sodium;
  • phosphorus;
  • gland;
  • zinc;
  • Selena;
  • copper.

grenadilla how to eat

Use in cooking

Very interesting grenadilla.How to eat this fruit? Mostly fresh. For this, the fruit is cut in half and the spoon is eaten by the spoon. From it is extracted juice, which becomes the basis for various drinks (including alcohol). Because of its structure, the fruit is used for making jelly and baking. From granadilles, you get wonderful desserts and fruit salads. Fruits are used to make natural flavors for yoghurts and a variety of sauces.