/ / "Loreal Ombre": reviews, method of application, color palette

"Loreal Ombre": reviews, way of application, color palette

loreal ombre review
Every girl wants to keep up with the times,be stylish, trendy and follow the latest trends. This applies to both new gadgets, clothes, and hair coloring, choice of haircuts and other. Recently, many Hollywood beauties prefer to paint their curls in the fashionable ombre nowadays.

What is it, and whether it is worth trying on yourself?

Ombre is called a staining technique, in whichroots are quite dark (most often natural), and the ends are painted a few tones lighter. The hair color has a smooth transition from dark to light, there are no contrasts and clear boundaries. Achieved the effect of slightly sunburned hair, which as a whole creates a summer, sunny and light image. It is not surprising that the ombre becomes more popular.

"Loreal", as always, monitors the desiresgirls and helps to translate their dreams into reality, so the company has released a new hair color "Loreal Ombre." The recall after its use was left by many of those who tested thematic Internet resources. The paint is presented in 3 versions, depending on the original hair color: for chestnut and dark, for dark-blond, for blond and light hair. If you want to make an ombre for dark hair, "Loreal", respectively, offers you a paint at number 1, etc.

Many girls, admiring the stars of cinema,rushed to beauty salons in search of a novelty in the field of hair dyeing, but far from all hairdressing salons and salons there was such a service due to lack of necessary experience of hairdressers and stylists. In the same place where you agree to perform such a coloring, the price "bites" a little. That's why "Loreal" created the opportunity to get a sexy, daring and fashionable image, without leaving home, with the help of "Préférence Ombrés".

"Loreal Ombre": reviews and tips

Thanks to a special method of application (which is helped by a special brush,

staining ombre loreal reviews
complete with paint), the paint is distributedevenly: from a smaller amount in the middle of the hair to a larger one at the tips, which allows more intense coloring of the ends. Staining takes about an hour, does not require special skills and adaptations. As you can see, with "Loreal Ombre" (recall after application of paint left by you, will help other girls in choosing) reincarnation becomes not a dream, but a reality.

Most naturally, the ombre looks on light hair (from light blond to blond), but on dark it adds color to the image of piquancy.

ombre for dark hair l'oreal

Are there any pitfalls atusing "Loreal Ombre"? Reviews among the girls who already had dyed hair at the time of use (especially in red tones), remains neutral: some liked the effect, others did not satisfy (the tips were not sufficiently lightened, the color was more red-tipped than the blond, etc.) . Remember also that you should not use this paint after staining with henna, the result may be unpredictable. In the rest, feel free to experiment and enjoy the new look!

Trying the staining of "Ombre Loreal" (reviews about which are mostly positive and even enthusiastic), you will see the ease of applying this paint and the amazing result.