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Belarusian draniki: recipe with photo

If you declare a contest among cooks for the mostBelarusian dish, an absolute majority will cook pancakes. But the most amazing thing is not this, but the fact that they will all be different! Someone will add raw onions, someone fried, and many even without it will cost. Some will make a filling of mushrooms, squash, minced meat. Perhaps someone will fill the grated potato with garlic ...

Belarusian draniki recipe

Variations on the topic of draperies are enormousa bunch of. Simplicity of cooking, the availability of products and relatively small labor expose space for flight of imagination. But in order to start experimenting, you first need to learn how to prepare classic Belarusian draniki, the recipe of which we will consider in detail in this article.

Rich story

It is noteworthy, but invented this snack is notin Belarus and not even in Eastern Europe. The original recipe is of Germanic origin. From there it spread to many other countries. Today many people consider this dish to be their native. Ukrainians preparing "deruny", and the Czechs - "brambboraki." Latkes is common in Israel, and in Sweden this dish has a magnificent capacious name "raggmann", which means "bristly monk". They know similar recipes in Poland, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries. Many peoples of Eastern Europe consider potato pancakes as national food.

The recipe step by step with a photo of Belarusian draniki will help you learn how to cook. This is a simple snack, which will appeal to both children and adults.

Classic set of components

In Belarus, this hot snack is prepared from potatoes, eggs and flour. For one knead we need the following:

  • potatoes - 4 pieces (large);
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • flour - 3-4 tbsp. l .;
  • frying oil and salt to taste.

A small amount of cheese will make the dish more tender, and the addition of a raw onion will help get more spicy Belarus scrubs. The recipe with the photo will help you to make sure of it.

belarusian potato pancakes recipe

Preparatory stage

Peel and peel potatoes.We rub on the grater. If you use fine, the mass will turn out to be dense and homogeneous. And by wiping potatoes on a large grater, you will get more shaggy pancakes, with crispy crispy edges.

Recipe of Belarusian potato peasassumes a small amount of fluid in the mass. In this case it will be easier to form products. Grate the grated potatoes, leave for a few minutes, then wrap them in cheesecloth and wring out. The liquid will easily go away.

draniki belorussian recipe with photo

Stuff the egg into the mass, mix and graduallyadd the flour. How much it will be needed depends on the degree of potato starch and how much you wrung out moisture. Probably, two spoons will suffice, and it may be necessary and 5.

Frying process

Belarusian potato dranits, the recipe of which has been counted for more than a century, has traditionally been cooked on smaltz and sunflower oil. If you do not use these ingredients, grill on olive.

Apply a mass of a spoon in a preheatedfat, as if frying pancakes. Important point: do not try to wiggle the draniki in a frying pan until the surface is completely fried. Otherwise they will fall apart and spread out in oil. Collecting the product back will be very difficult.

Belarusian potato pancakes with photo

As soon as you see that the edges have become golden, turn the pancake. It is more convenient to make a flat wide blade, rather than a fork.

Little tricks from experienced housewives

There are many ways to cook Belarusian potato pancakes. The recipe with the photo given in this article describes only one of them - the base one.

Those who "made a hand" in preparing thisdishes, sometimes make their own adjustments. For example, some landladies weld potatoes entirely to semi-preparedness, then the potatoes fry faster and get softer. Many soak the grated potatoes in cold water for 5-10 minutes - it gives off excess starch and becomes lighter.

potato recipe step-by-step with Belarusian photos

The following advice is important:cook as many pancakes as you plan to serve at a time. In a freshly prepared form this snack is much tastier. If you have a few roast pancakes left, store them in the refrigerator, in a closed container, and preheat before serving.

Additional Ingredients

In Belarusian draniki, a recipe of which is very popular, fried onions are often added. To do this, finely chop the onion, fry and add to the mass before baking.

There is a recommendation about the oil - itsadd directly to the potatoes, according to the incomplete tablespoon. When roasting, it boils, creating a porous structure of the product. In addition, these pancakes are easier to remove from the frying pan.

Belarusian draniki, the recipe of which contains fresh greens - an excellent option for the summer. They look very impressive, and taste good.

You can add to the mass of a little shreddedgarlic. But this option is not to everyone's liking, because when roasting garlic produces a peculiar flavor. But if you like to put this component in a frying pan with fried potatoes, most likely, you will like it in draniki.


There are a huge number of variations of thisrecipe on the topic of zraz. If you want to make potato pancakes with stuffing, cook it in advance and allow to cool. It can be fried with onion mushrooms, minced meat from boiled meat, pate from liver and offal, boiled eggs with green onions. Good for the filling of hard cheeses that melt well.

In this case, the frying process looks likesomewhat differently. Pour a small portion of potato paste into the pan, less than a tablespoon. Stack the filling, evenly distributing and priming it with a fork. Then water the next portion. Turn over, cover with a lid for a few minutes - draniki steamed, but still come out sufficiently crispy.

Feed to the table

Belarusian draniki, the recipe of which sends us backto long-standing culinary traditions, perfectly suitable for a feast in the ethnic style. By the way, this dish is often served in restaurants of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian cuisine in many countries of the world.

recipe of Belarusian draniki from potatoes

Clay and wooden utensils are ideal for serving: flat plates, dostochki. But equally impressive look drakiki and on a laconic white dish.

Be sure to serve this snack sour cream,fresh greens, young garlic and onions. You can make an excellent sauce, mixing in equal proportions sour cream and fatty mayonnaise, adding chopped dill and grated garlic.

Draniks are often served not only in the form of an independent snack, but also as a side dish to smoked meat, baked fat, fried capelin, salted herring and other dishes of the national cuisine.