/ How to choose a comb for hair

How to choose a comb for hair

What for modern man means a hairbrush orcomb for hair? This is not just an accessory for hair care. To date, the comb is a way to keep your hair in excellent condition, take care of them, massage your scalp, and also the ability to create your own magnificent hairstyles without leaving home and without resorting to the help of stylists and hairdressers.

Comb for the hair. Options

Comb for hair
Choose a brush or comb for hair from a hugethe number of offers is not difficult. Depending on your preferences, you can buy a hair brush from natural bristles or from wood, plastic or metal. Manufacturers offer combs of various forms and materials that can be used both at home and on the road. Road variants differ compactness or presence of the folding mechanism. Travelers are especially fond of small brushes combined with a mirror. Folding, they occupy a minimum of space, but almost indispensable during business trips or trips to rest.

How to choose a comb for hair

In order not to make a mistake in the choice, it is necessary to decide before purchasing what

Scallop for hair
you are acquiring this accessory.We have already found out that the scallop for hair can be both home use, and for business trips. In this case, the determining factor will be not only the materials from which the object is made, but also its size. Agree, it is not very convenient to carry in your purse a large and wide brush. If you are planning to purchase a copy for the house, then in this case it is worth emphasizing the material from which the comb for the hair is made, as well as its shape. Often used a massage brush or a simple comb. Thick and curly hair is better suited to putting it in order with the use of a massage brush. You can also use a hair comb with wide and rare teeth. As materials it is better to choose natural. They are more ecological, and also less traumatize the hair. It can be horn, whalebone, natural bristles, wood (juniper, oak or birch) should choose combs from wood of those breeds, the content of resin and oils in which is minimal. This will relieve you from the feeling of glued strands. The most affordable material and quality is plastic. Carefully processed, it is well washed, does not electrify hair, and is also affordable. Metal combs are subject to the action of static electricity, therefore, after bringing the head of hear in order it will be very much fluffy.

What else is required to create a beautiful hairstyle?

Where to buy jewelry for hair
Of course, the pledge of beautiful styling - clean andcarefully combed hair. To achieve this effect helps the comb for the hair. However, despite all the hairdresser's art, sometimes this is not enough. Depending on whether you are going to a responsible event or a picnic, whether for a business dinner, a wedding, a movie or a disco, you will need different accessories to decorate the hairstyle. Where to buy jewelry for the hair, which will make the piling into a real masterpiece? You can, of course, take a walk to the nearest market and buy hair clips and other accessories on the first tray. It will be inexpensive, unqualified and traumatic for the hair. And you can visit a store of professional means and there you can choose a copy more expensive, but it will surely serve you more than one year without harm to your hair.