/ The Empire of Beauty. What is Botox?

Empire of Beauty. What is Botox?

In our time, an increasing number of peopleresorts to the services of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Most of all, of course, they are among actors and pop stars. This is due to the fact that these people are always in sight and they want to keep their attractiveness longer. And even simple "mortals" resort to the use of botox, as the most accessible method of rejuvenation. What is botox and how is it applied in the empire of beauty?

In fact, botox, or dysport, is already knowna long time ago. Initially, it was recognized as a substance capable of causing butulism. It does not sound very tempting, does it? But, nevertheless, the thing is very useful and successfully used in medicine. In the 80's, it was used in the world of cosmetology, and at the end of the last century - in Russia. At us he is not very popular yet, but ask, for example, in the US the question: "What is Botox?" - and you will be answered even by a child.

How does this magic tool work in experiencedhands of cosmetologists? The fact is that Botox, introduced into the muscle, blocks it, the skin, connected with the muscle and located directly above it, restores elasticity and is smoothed. In addition, a person begins to control his facial expression, so there is a kind of double action. The procedure for the introduction of Botox takes 5 minutes and is almost painless. In rare cases, with an overestimated pain threshold, a topical anesthetic cream is used.

Many of our beauties have long found the answer to the question"What is Botox?" and continue to successfully maintain their beauty. With the help of Botox, wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, on the nose, on the back of the nose, and also "crow's feet" are eliminated. In addition, Botox is indicated for use in a large age period - from 18 to 60 years. Cosmetologists believe that it is preferable to do Botox injections at a fairly young age, starting from the age of 30. At this time, the elasticity of the skin decreases and mimic wrinkles begin to appear.

Despite the fact that the procedure passes quickly,its consequences are not immediately apparent. Usually it can take from 3 days to 2 weeks, until the effect of the drug. The effect lasts up to six months, although if a person constantly resorts to such services, the duration of it can be extended even up to one year. In this case, too, the habit of excessive facial expressions disappears, which leads to the creation of wrinkles.

For those who decided to test themselves, what isBotox, it is also necessary to remember that after the procedure you will have to infringe on something. After Botox, you should not drink alcohol, visit the sauna and sauna, take antibiotics, you can not touch the places on the face where the injections were made, you need to bend less. It should be noted that Botox is also successfully used by people with increased sweating. Entered into the armpits or palms, he relieves a person of this problem for up to one year.

I must say for the sake of justice that the drughas its drawbacks, and the victims of Botox, alas, exist. Inexperienced hands can turn the face of the patient into a frozen mask and more than once you have to see the consequences of unsuccessful procedures on the faces of the screen stars. Sometimes it looks, I must say, scary. But an experienced specialist can do miracles and many women, and men retain their youth and beauty in this way.

There is also sad statistics,confirming the connection "children and Botox". More than once the press has already identified cases when mothers of girls participating in beauty contests have taken them to Botox procedures in order to remove even the tiniest wrinkles from their faces. Parents said they were doing this so that their children would keep their youth longer. In America, legislative acts are already being considered that prohibit the implementation of Botox procedures for persons who have not reached the corresponding age.