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Perfect hair color for blue eyes

What color hair for blue eyes is more suitableTotal? This issue is of interest to the owners of a light iris. After all, from the ideal combination, the image as a whole depends. But not only the shade of the eyes plays a role in choosing the right hair color. This is the type of person, and appearance, and even character. Many people think that blue-eyed blond ideally fits. All right, but try to abandon this stereotype.

Features of blue eyes

This color is typical for residents of northernregions of our country. As a rule, if a girl has blue eyes, then her hair is bright. The peculiarity of this iris color is that it varies depending on mood and external factors. Some believe that blue-eyed people are characterized by impulsive behavior.

hair color for blue eyes

But among others, they stand out logicallythinking, the ability to find solutions in the most difficult and confusing situations. Blue-eyed are creative people. They are intellectually developed, they always find ways to self-develop. By nature, they are calm and emotional, but if something annoys them, they can crush everything in their path. Character is also worth considering when you choose a hair color. In the creation of the image, any details play a role: both the shade of the eyes, and the clothes, and accessories, and the hair.

Tsvetotip - what is it

The color of the hair that fits the blue eyes should bechoose based on your color. What it is? It means the color of appearance. It is determined by the combination of external data: eye color, natural hair, eyebrows, skin, lips. A harmonious image of a woman is formed only when she knows what shades of curls and clothes fit her. Want to choose the perfect makeup? Then it's important to know your color pattern.

color of hair suitable for blue eyes

К холодным цветотипам относят "Лето" и "Зиму", а to warm "Spring" and "Autumn". At "spring" girls and women thin and transparent light skin, natural color of hair light-brown, warm shades predominate. Eyes light blue, light green, gray, pale brown.

"Summer" girls - the owner of the skin, whichquickly sunbathing in the sun, getting a bronze shade. Hair light-brown, predominant cold ashy shades. Eye color can be gray, gray-blue, gray-green, brown, dark brown. The lips are pale pink.

In "autumn" girls, the skin has a golden palate,hair red, copper, eyes of amber, nutty shade. "Winter" representatives have a bright, contrasting appearance. Hair color is dark, cold (dark chestnut, black), porcelain skin, very light, eyes - blue, brown, green.

How to choose a hair color

For blue eyes is ideal not onlyblond, but also contrasting shades of strands. Before choosing the color of your hair, decide on the shade of the eyes. There are gray-blue, pale blue and deep. Skin tones can be warm and cold. Select the color of the strands, based on these characteristics. So, to a warm type carry locks with peach, golden, red overflows. A light shade of hair without reddish and black belongs to the cold type.

When you choose hair dye, remember thatthe main criteria are not only the color of the eyes, but also the shape of the face, the presence or absence of skin problems. So, chubby coloring, highlighting, dark colors is suitable. All this visually draws the face, makes it proportionately harmonious. Oval face does not need to be corrected. If you have a problem skin, pronounced redness, do not choose shades of platinum, black and red. Would you like to emphasize freckles on your face? Then give preference to golden, dark chestnut colors.

hair color blue eyes light skin

Pay attention when choosing a paint for shadeblue eyes. If the color is light blue, then bright and inviting, dark colors should not be repainted. A good option - light blond color with an ashy tinge. It makes sense to experiment with an ashen blonde. The gray-blue color of the eyes is a chameleon. It varies depending on the lighting, make-up, coloring clothes. Such girls are perfect for ashen color, light shades and muffled red.

Ваша кожа загорела на солнце?Then give preference to caramel and red hair color. If the skin is porcelain, white, then the ashen blond and pearly blond shades will do. Do not want to radically change the color of your hair? Use tonifying shampoos. They give the curls a different shade, but they are washed off easily. Perfect for blue-eyed beauties. This method emphasizes the beauty of the eyes, gives the hair volume and saturation. Light-eyed women are better off picking up the paint, which has something in common with the natural color of the hair.

Blue eyes and fair skin

What color of hair approaches or suits to blue eyes?The combination of light skin and a sky-blue shade of the eye is rare. But this is the perfect duet, when you can choose any color of hair. If a woman by nature has blond hair, then with a skin and eye color will ideally combine warm chestnut shades and honey. Suitable for the owner of blue eyes and light skin are ash, light brown, light ash, wheat, dark, including black shades of hair.

hair color for skin and blue eyes

Olive leather

What color of hair will suit blue eyes?Girls who have such a color of eyes and skin of a shade of olive, the cold palette ideally fits. If you are naturally blonde, give preference to beige and ashy hair dye. Suitable and sand colors, as well as black. If the skin is matte-olive, then the golden color of the curls will look perfect, but the solid color.

Swarthy skin

What color hair for blue eyes and dark skinwill suit best? Exquisitely looks with a dark skin color and light eyes are copper, black, chocolate brown. Owners of swarthy skin and short haircut stylists advised to dye their hair white. This will underscore their courage, unique style, perseverance in achieving the goal.

Dark hair and blue eyes

If you have fair skin and blue eyes, what kind ofhair color will suit? In this case, you can play in contrast. Try to dye your hair in a dark color (dark brown, dark chestnut, black). A good example is Megan Fox, who has naturally blue eyes and fair skin. Look how it looks good. In addition, do not go far from the natural shade of hair given to you by nature. Brunettes with gray-blue eyes will approach shades of chestnut and coffee.

what color hair approaches blue eyes


Это, пожалуй, самое эффектное и естественное combination. Light hair color for blue eyes - what could be better? And really, natural blondes are externally fragile and sunny. As a rule, such a combination emphasizes the Slavic type of appearance. Many believe that the color of hair determines the nature and abilities of women, but this, of course, is not so. Therefore, if you inherited the straw color of hair by nature, do not rush to change it, although you can also experiment with the shades of the blonde.

Red hair

Not always red-handed by nature girls takethe decision to change your sunny hair color. The red has a lot of shades. Some can be saturated and bright, others muffled. The red color contrasts beautifully with porcelain skin. For example, light-skinned brunettes with blue eyes are ideally suited for copper-brown shades. Feminine, feminine and sexual become women who decide to repaint themselves in red. Blue-eyed very goes this color, like green eyes.

light skin blue eyes what color hair

Light brown

What color hair for skin and blue eyes is suitableideally? Practically a win-win option is fair-haired. Often such a hair color is found on fashion shows, it is natural, therefore it decorates and refreshes many. A perfect combination is obtained if the owner of blue eyes has olive skin. The woman looks mysterious, endowed with some attractive force. However, when buying russet paint, make sure that there is no yellow subtle in the shade. Otherwise, the hair will look lifeless.

Color strands

In fact, there is a large selection of colorshair for blue eyes. For creative girls and creative natures, stylists recommend paying attention to colored strands. It's blue, green, purple. But to be painted in such shades it is necessary only at the professional. Blonde girls with blue eyes are suitable and pink. A bright pink shade requires pre-clarification of the strands. Trend of the season - it's ringlets of blue color.

blue eyes what color of hair will suit


If the eyes are blue and the skin is light, the hair colorwhich one to choose? Focus on the natural shade of ringlets. For blue-eyed women, fortunately, there are almost no restrictions on the color of the hair. In each there are shades, which are ideal for the owners of a light iris.

  1. The skin is swarthy. Ash-brown color ringlets, golden blond, the color of dark chocolate, cinnamon, milk, blue-black, chestnut.
  2. Skin with a yellow tinge. Light brown paint and honey-brown.
  3. Pale. Dark-blond hair color, ash-brown, caramel, gray.
  4. Light. Red, shade of wheat, blond, light brown, light blond, black, dark chocolate.

Если кожа слишком светлая, почти белая, то White hair color will do. He also has several variations. These include ash-white, ashen, linen, classic blond, golden white, a shade of platinum. Have you decided to dye your hair blonde? Experts advise to do this in the cabin, and not independently. In this case, the length of the hair, their structure and volume are taken into account.

The most light is lightened soft blond strands, butDark and bright red turns into a blond is much more difficult. Master conducts several clarification procedures, using strong substances. Breaks between stains range from two to three weeks. If you decide to repaint yourself in a blonde at home, there is a good chance of yellowing. The blonde will not look noble, and it's very risky to damage your hair.