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Chu Valley. Unknown steppe

Chui valley
Shuiskaya, better known as Chui,steppe is the northernmost valley of Kyrgyzstan. She is familiar to the majority of ordinary people in the most unattractive quality - namely, as the largest base of herbal narcotic raw materials. Indeed, the Chu valley (photo) - a kind of Mecca of drug dealers and lovers of the "easy" drug - cannabis. Every year on its expanses dozens of hectares of this vegetable dope are destroyed. To say, like the authorities of the former USSR, that this territory is free from drugs and plantations of cannabis is not found, it will be wrong. However, the Chui Valley attracts not only adherents of pernicious habits.

Located in one of the most picturesque places of Kyrgyzstan, this amazing natural place of nature is popular with admirers of hang gliding and automobile tourism.


Chui Valley Photo

The Chui Valley is located in the area of ​​dangerous, butincredibly beautiful Kordaysky pass. The huge, more than 140 thousand hectares, the territory of this place includes four picturesque natural areas. Moving through the territory, you can see with your own eyes the splendor of the steppe (valley), piedmont, mountain and highland zones.

Chui Valley is quite sharptemperature changes, characteristic of the steppe areas, magnificent landscapes of majestic mountains. In the spring, its boundless expanse literally "floods" with a bright purple of poppies, but in most of its space the steppe territories are rather monotonous.


Chuya steppe

For lovers of mountain climbing, of course,the so-called Chui proteins will appear attractive. It was this name that received the North and South Chui passes. The average height of ridges in this area exceeds 3500 meters.

Unchanged popularity of the Chui Valleyenjoys hang gliders. The most popular starts (the starting points of the flight): Thousand, Zhalamysh, Chon-Tash. The height of the lowest start is 1270 meters (Zhalamysh), the highest - a little less than 2300 meters (Thousand). Due to the extent and landscape features of these places, lovers of extreme entertainment get the opportunity to make dizzying flights from April to September, the length of which can be several tens of kilometers.

Automobile routes do not lag behind the moreexotic types of tourism. A trip along the Chuysky tract is a route that can impress even very reserved travelers. The most popular route is a trip along the route from Biysk to the border with Mongolia. More than half of this distance lies on the territory of Chui, which allows to fully appreciate the local, absolutely unique color.

Chui valley

Throughout the road to travelerswill come across settlements of local residents, small cafes, in which they prepare dishes of national cuisine. Near the numerous streams and rivers are equipped with comfortable places for parking and rest, which makes the trip more pleasant. The curious eye reveals incredible beauty landscapes that can only be found in this region.