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Kallos (Botox for Hair): reviews

Kallos Botox ampoules are designed forrestore damaged hair, moisturize and nourish it. The unique formula of the drug makes it possible to achieve an amazing effect - the curls become silky, elastic, smooth.

One of the newest developments is "Callos" - botox for hair. Reviews doctors and consumers confirm that the incomingin the composition of proteins, amino acids, vitamins are able to give locks lightness, shine. The drug does not glue the hair, does not weight them. It promotes the enrichment of hair follicles with useful elements, accelerates hair growth, activates metabolic processes.

Botox for hair

Kallos Cosmetics is a Hungarian company thathas released botox (botulinum toxin) for hair. Special studies have proved that the molecule INTRA-CYLAN, which is part of the drug, is able to make the curls soft, shiny. Increases the volume of the head of hear due to the activation of metabolic processes. The hair has a natural sheen, they are easily combed.

Botox for Hair Reviews

An innovative molecule whose action wastested in a research laboratory, able to change its state from liquid to solid. It penetrates into the damaged hair, changing it. After washing the head, when the water completely evaporates, the molecule freezes and connects the porous structure of the hair. So the "Callos" - Botox for hair acts. Consumer reviews indicate that the curls begin to look healthy, shiny. The drug strengthens the split sections of hair.

Structure of the preparation

Contribute to the restoration of the head of Kallos KJMN(ampoules "Botox for hair", 6 pcs.). Reviews especially indicate that the hair becomes silky, do not get tangled. The product is universal, it is suitable for men and women. It contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, keratin.

  • Collagen glues hair scales, creating a chic visual effect. Its action is to envelop the hair, which allows you to keep the moisture in it. Its thickness also increases.
  • Hyaluronic acid gives smoothness, elasticity to hair, providing them with a water balance, deep hydration. It returns strength and elasticity to strands.
  • Keratin penetrates into the cuticle of the hair, protecting the structure fromexternal adverse effects. It penetrates into damaged areas, replenishing them with a natural component. Helps to restore shine, firmness to curls.

This procedure is quite easy to apply.Botox for hair (reviews of enthusiastic consumers fully confirm this) can be used at home. Ampoules for the procedure are sold in a package of 6 pieces. But for a start, it's better to take one and try its effect.


  • Pre-wash and dry hair.
  • Do not apply masks, conditioners.
  • The drug should be applied to the hair.
  • Distribute it along the entire length.
  • The duration of the remedy is 5 minutes.
  • Rinse the product, do not apply masks or conditioners.

kallos botox for hair reviews

After application, the hair is allowed to wash the head (using only the shampoo) up to 10 times. Then the procedure can be repeated. Reviews of Botox for Hair suggest that half of the ampoule is enough for one use on any length of hair.

"Kallos Botox" can be used for styling ringlets. The contents of the ampoule must be applied to clean hair. Do not flush the preparation, do the styling.


Have an immediate effect of the ampoule "Botox for hair". Reviews consumers confirm that after the first use the hairstyle becomes magnificent. Life-filled hair looks very impressive.

Kallos Botox promotes recoverynatural elasticity of hair. He heals, replenishes with natural ingredients, restores the structure of the hair. Helps nourish the scalp, strengthening blood circulation. Gives hair a volume, lightness.

botox for hair reviews about botokse for hair

The drug will help restore the health of the hair after:

  • chemical perm;
  • staining;
  • exposure to high temperatures;
  • negative impact of the environment.

The effect of the drug "Callos Botox" becomes visible after drying hair. They increase in volume, filling with health and brilliance.

Other manufacturers of botox for hair

Well-known cosmetic company Loreal alsohas let out botoks for ringlets. It prevents hair loss, returns shine and elasticity to the hair. You should know that the cosmetic lines of this company are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, reviews about botox Loreal can be found both positive and negative.

There is an Asian botox for hair. Reviews about him warn that first you need to knowinformation about the producing country. Then carefully read the composition of the product. It is necessary to make sure that in the Asian version there is no formaldehyde or other harmful impurities.

Japanese Honma Tokyo, according to consumers,is a safe means. In its composition - only natural components. Vitamin complex, herbal extracts, essential amino acids will ensure the beauty and smoothness of the hair. This Asiatic agent lacks formalin and other harmful elements.

Types and methods of application of Botox

There are two ways to use botox.

  1. Rubbing the product into the hair.
  2. Administration of the product into the scalp.

The most effective means is injection.In this case, it does not imply administration of the drug under the scalp. With each syringe, each strand of hair is processed. A special formula of molecules allows to penetrate into each hair.

ampoules botox for hair reviews

Favorable effect on external and internalthe condition has botox for hair. Reviews of botox for hair warn that the procedure with injections is best carried out in the walls of a cosmetology clinic. Hairstyle will please the whole 2 months. Then the procedure can be repeated.

The vernal effect of rubbing Botox into the hair is the same as after the injections. But the quality, the structure of the hair will only be slightly better.


Strong side effects after the use of botox is not revealed. However, trichologists do not advise using it:

  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers;
  • people of retirement age;
  • women during menstruation.

Also, allergic reactions to the components of the drug are possible. Therefore, before use, you should familiarize yourself with the composition of the cosmetic remedy Callos Botox.

Positive reviews

Customer reviews confirm that the effectafter the procedure is incredible. Hair not only becomes smooth, shiny. They start to grow faster, small patches disappear completely. Absolutely no effect of gluing hair. The locks are light, obedient, even after the styling, they remain silky. The simplicity of using the drug Kallos (botox for hair) is striking. Reviews (at home) to carry out the procedure will not be difficult) this is certainly mentioned.

kallos kjmn ampoules botox for hair 6 pts reviews

Satisfied consumers say thatjust apply the product on clean hair. After 5 minutes, wash it off. But the action of the drug on wet locks is invisible. When the hair is completely dry, the effect will surprise the most demanding beauty. Brilliant soft strands seem to shine with health.

To care for the curls do not need to use air conditioners after using the drug "Kallos" (Botox for hair). Feedback satisfied consumers report that it makes the curls soft without additional funds.

As it was noted, only shampoo and preparationmake the hair elastic. It is not necessary to apply other masks, conditioners during the operation of the botox. Already only shampoo and "Kallos Botox" make curls stunning. They easily fit into different in complexity hairstyles, disappearing split and overdried tips.

And very different reviews

Not all act equally botox for hair.Feedback (the consequences of use do not meet expectations) indicate that the required effect can last less than a month. It depends on the individual characteristics of the person.

Consumers say that in jarscontains a yellow substance with a pungent odor. Indeed, the split ends completely disappear. But the hair remains the same as before the application of Botox. No great shine, softness was noticed. Ladies, who are somewhat disappointed by the lack of effect, are advised to buy 1 ampoule and check its effect on themselves, and only then spend on the entire package.

 botox for hair

After washing the head, the curls return to the previousa condition that was before the use of "Kallos" (botox for hair). Consumer testimonials claim that the effect does not withstand tenfold washing of the head. It stops after the third time.

Dissatisfied girls warn that the effect of the first application is really surprising. But the subsequent use of Botox leaves the hair in its former state.

Doctor's comments

The medicine is botox for hair. Reviews professionals are warned that this is an innovative technology. It is considered not fully understood even after the clinical trials passed in the laboratories.

Therefore, doctors do not advise injecting Botoxfor hair at home. In cosmetology clinics, specialists who have completed the necessary training program, will help restore the lost beauty of ringlets. But the mask with Botox can be used at home.

Botox for hair reviews in the home

Doctors confirm that as such Botox inthe composition of the drug is not. This is just a consumer-friendly name. The basis for the process of affecting the curls is the molecule INTRA-CYLAN, which creates the necessary effect. It acts as a frame, supporting the damaged hair from the inside.

Trichologists say that it can be addictivebotox for hair. The opinions of professionals are urged not to use the remedy as preventive. Such an effect on curls is possible only if there is a strong damage (overdrying with a hair dryer, regular staining, chemical wave). Otherwise, with the constant use of the procedure, the effect will be almost invisible.