/ / Lamination eyelashes: the pros and cons, description of the procedure

Lamination eyelashes: the pros and cons, description of the procedure

Beauty will save the world ?!Definitely, but before this beauty should be supported and prolonged her life. It is good, that for this purpose today there are salons offering various services. For example, laminating eyelashes. The pros and cons of the procedure can be listed for a long time, but one can not deny the fact that the result is impressive. Eyelashes become thick and dashingly twisted. Which girl refuses such beauty? It remains to understand the technique of the procedure and to master it in practice.

Laminating eyelashes pluses and minuses

Why are we going to the salons?

A modern girl is forced to perform severalfunctions. In the morning she is an active employee of her company. At dinner - a quivering young lady, watching the figure. In the evening she conquers a treadmill in the gym, and then immediately runs to prepare for a date with the man of her dreams. We can not be weak, but we need to create the illusion of weakness and fragility. After all, a strong sex habitually wants to see in us those who need to be protected! During the rest we go to the salons, where they take care of us. In the sphere of beauty, a huge number of new services have appeared. In particular, lamination of eyelashes. The pros and cons of this procedure should be announced by the cosmetologist in order to warn the client about the possible consequences.

Step Procedure

So, what is the lamination of eyelashes?The bottom line is that the cilia receive additional protection in five consecutive steps. As a result, the girl gets the effect of wide-open eyes and incredibly thick eyelashes. The methods of lamination are somewhat depending on the composition of the mixture. Most often gelatin is used, by means of which the eyelashes are lifted, they are filled with pigment, vitamins and keratin. Naturally, the rate of growth of cilia and the quality of strengthening depend on the amount of natural ingredients in the composition of the mixture. Ideally, eyelashes get a natural volume with a spectacular bend and a healthy look. Perhaps this is a real procedure, a find for a hot summer, when you want to be beautiful every minute, and the cilia grow heavy and stick together under a layer of carcass.

Lamination eyelashes pluses and minuses procedure

Why be ready?

So, you first visited the beauty salon and learnedAbout such procedure, as lamination of eyelashes. Pros and cons, reviews and pricing policy of the clinic - all this is still a mystery to you, but the words of a specialist are perceived as words of higher power. What is it worth to believe, and what to divide in two at the first consultation? Almost all beauticians with confidence declare that there will be no discomfort in the process, but it depends solely on your pain threshold. Many girls note that during the procedure, burning is observed and tears flow profusely. The specialist will use the roller to flex the eyelashes. It is on it that the hairs are laid, covered with a special mixture. To be zealous at bending it is not necessary, as the effect can become "done" and "puppet".

Lamination is a long process, stretched overan hour and a half. During this time, the cilia are covered with a mixture five times. After the procedure, you can not wash your face and use cleansing creams. But then for a couple of months you can safely exclude mascara from your cosmetic bag and enjoy permanently beautiful cilia!

laminating eyelashes pluses and minuses reviews

You should know it!

For many girls just a panacea becomesLaminating eyelashes. Reviews of lamination, however, are polar. Someone praises professionals and boasts of an exhilarating curve of eyelashes, and someone hides them under dark glasses. But the procedure is not free! In regions, the price fluctuates between 2000-3000 rubles. In the capital, it jumps in half. Therefore, in the process it would be good to remain cautious and note important trifles. For example, find out the composition of the mixture for lamination. Are there many natural ingredients in it? Take into account: on this save is stupid and dangerous! With the same vigilance, choose a specialist. How long has he been working in the beauty industry? What specializes in what? Let him stage-by-stage tell about lamination of eyelashes, pluses and minuses of procedure will paint. You trust the beautician the beauty of your eyes and have the right to know him better before the procedure. Refuse the session if you have augmented eyelashes. And do not get carried away: two procedures a year are more than enough for safe beauty.

Laminating eyelashes reviews on laminating

Arguments for

Why should you decide on this procedure? Is it worth the beauty of such victims? The mass of pluses can be called immediately:

  • You get luxurious in length and volume cilia with a rich color and expressive bend.
  • You protect them from weather, sunlight, frost and hard water.
  • You save on carcasses and other cosmetic accessories for the eyes, as there is no corresponding need.
  • You will notice that the eyelashes become thicker, darker, they start to shine and grow faster due to the activation of the bulbs.
  • You will nourish the skin around the eyes with vitamins.

Perhaps, for such an ideal picture isdecide on the lamination of eyelashes. Pros and cons, by the way, each one is allocated for itself - after the procedure. After all, the reaction to the mixture and technology will be individual.

that harmful in the lamination of eyelashes

Arguments against

Now let's see what scares laminationeyelashes. Pros and cons will be able to balance? It must be said honestly that the procedure has a number of contraindications. In particular, it is banned in inflammatory diseases of the eyes, in pregnancy, with a tendency to allergies. To check the last moments, you need to apply the mixture for lamination to the elbow bend and wait about 12 hours. If redness is not present, the mixture is harmless. So, we see that the procedure has no obvious minuses, and it can be afforded by every woman who calmly refers to the prospect of giving away beautiful eyelashes 2000-3500 rubles every six months.

Lamination eyelash essence

First time home

If it's scary at first to go to a specialist, thenyou can try to carry out the procedure at home. So you can save money, and learn the whole process. You need to start with degreasing face and eyelashes. It is better to use a tonic, and then apply eye cream with the effect of protection. Mixture for lamination should be prepared in advance. Most often for her use gelatin with the addition of nutrient oils, but you can not reinvent the wheel and buy a ready-made composition in the cabin. Lubricate the cilia with a mixture and lay on a roller, which can be made from improvised means. If you do everything at home, you can eliminate the question of what is harmful in the lamination of eyelashes. You will be able to minimize harm to the limit, there will be only pluses. Many girls, after trying lamination, go to the camp of his faithful adepts, refusing to build up. The logic is simple: natural beauty in the trend, and this method of giving brilliance and volume with confidence can be called natural. Of course, the result largely depends on the initial data. For example, the girls of the Mongoloid race can not count on extra long lashes, but the result will in any case please!