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The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan since the end of 1997.It is the youngest in the world, because it was founded only in 1827. The capital of Kazakhstan, whose name until 1998 was Akmola, is growing and developing right before our eyes, reflecting the country's dynamic development. In recent years, Astana has produced a large number of unusual examples of architecture and attractions.

In 1999 UNESCO awarded Astana the title of"City of Peace", and since 2000 it participates in the International Assembly of capitals and large cities. Gradually the city becomes a major economic, cultural, business and tourist center, and such changes can not be overlooked.

Old quarters are being reconstructed, and new onesgrow with amazing speed. The list of Astana's sights is wide and not uninteresting. For example, the symbol of the city is the tower "Baiterek", towering at 105 meters. At a level of 97 meters (and this figure is not accidental - it indicates the year of the transfer of the capital to Astana), there is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the panorama of the city and its environs. In addition, the ball crowning the tower changes color depending on the angle of incidence of sunlight on it, and at times creates the feeling that it practically floats in the air.

capital of Kazakhstan
The architectural style of Astana is unique, it combines the features of European and Asian cultures, is such a "fusion".

Already now the capital of Kazakhstan accepts a large number of various conferences, meetings and forums, providing officials with a comfortable stay in a rather harsh Kazakh climate.

Alma-Ata - the first capital of Kazakhstan since the collapse of the USSR - now bears

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan
the title "southern capital", while Astanais considered the northern capital. The latter is also often called "young." By the way, for some time the capital of Kazastan, when it was still part of the USSR, was Orenburg, which is now part of the Russian Federation and one of the largest cities bordering the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Astana, as not only citizens hopeKazakhstan, but also residents of friendly countries, in the near future will become one of the world's leading centers of attraction, the prerequisites for this already exist. The capital of Kazakhstan year after year

the first capital of Kazakhstan
proves that its potential and potentialThe country is great: in the city itself there are enterprises from such branches of the economy as agro-industrial machinery, food industry, processing of agricultural products, as well as a powerful transport complex and, of course, a gradually developing sphere of services.

Already now the capital of Kazakhstan attractsmany tourists, because it has a powerful recreational potential (the city has a large number of museums, galleries, theaters, unusual parks and original architecture samples). Youth will attract nightclubs and bars of the city. Constantly built and opened new institutions and buildings. Soon Astana will simply not be found out!

Numerous sister cities of Astana, including Moscow, by the way, probably should be taken as an example from a young, but extremely promising capital, because we also have much to strive for.