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Laminating eyelashes: before and after (photo)

Beauty eyelashes and their health oftenhereditary factors. If the owner of thick and long cilia does not have to seriously think about increasing them and giving them volume, not counting the ordinary carcass, then girls with pale and rare hairs sometimes or often resort to the help of professionals.

Laminating eyelashes before and after the procedure (incomparison) allows a woman to see the real result. The process of increasing with keratin differs significantly from the extension of eyelashes. Unfortunately, lamination is not very popular yet, but it has huge advantages. The service is performed only in the office of a cosmetologist, who uses special medications.

Laminating eyelashes before and after

What is eyelash lamination?

Many women are interested in the question of what isLaminating eyelashes, and whether it is harmful. In fact, this procedure has appeared relatively recently. During it, the expert applies a special remedy on eyelashes, containing the main element - keratin, as well as vitamins and other ingredients that are absolutely safe for health. The master treats each cilium separately with this solution, as a result of which it naturally increases in volume and lengthens. In addition, nutrients that are in the keratin drug, restore the eyelash, improving its structure and appearance. Often, master cosmeticians offer to view the portfolio of the process to those customers who do not know what lamination of eyelashes is. Photos before and after will be a clear example of the final result.

Pros of the procedure

Photos of girls who made laminationeyelashes, before and after the procedure allow you to visually compare the result in the end with the initial stage. The advantages of keratin lamination include the following:

  • Safety and harmlessness for eyelashes. Now it is proved that lamination improves their growth and condition, and also does not damage the hairs in comparison with the process of building.
  • After the procedure, the eyelashes acquire a beautiful bend, shine, elongate and thicken. In addition, the look becomes attractive, deep and sexy.
  • Persistent effect. It remains for two months.
  • Laminating makes the eyelashes as natural as possible.
  • The procedure allows the owner of the keratin look not to use mascara to increase the length and volume.
  • The more lamination procedures carried out, the lighter and more beautiful the eyelashes become. There is an accumulation effect.
  • Virtually no restrictions on facial care after.
  • Comfortable, painless and time-consuming procedure.
    Laminating eyelashes before and after photos

Lacks of lamination

Like any cosmetic surgery, keratinlamination has its drawbacks. First, it has some individual contraindications, and secondly, for many women the procedure will simply not be affordable. Moreover, it is desirable to repeat it more than once. Third, to wait for the magic from lamination is still not worth it. If the nature of eyelashes is not very long and rare, it is unlikely that lamination can correct the situation. Although the appearance of the cilia, especially if the procedure is resorted to often, will change for the better unequivocally. It is also very important to find a professional master who can be trusted.

What is the lamination of the eyelashes before and after?

How is the lamination procedure carried out?

Usually laminating eyelashes (before and after -the result of the procedure before your eyes) is fully performed by a specialist in the salon or at home at his or her client's. The keratin lamination process is very important preparatory stage.

  • Before the beginning of the procedure, the master cleanses the eyelids and eyelashes from the make-up, if any, dust particles and degreases the skin.
  • Then a nourishing cream is applied to the skin around the eyelashes in order to prevent undesirable contact with the keratin composition.
  • After preparation, the master fixes the eyelashes in the desired position with a special form of silicone. This is necessary in order to give a beautiful bend to the eyelashes and for the convenience of applying the solution.
  • As soon as the specialist does this stage, he applies a serum containing large amounts of nutrients to the eyelashes. They have a restoring and strengthening effect.
  • At the last stage, the master applies the main component in the lamination - keratin, which fixes and provides the effect for the entire procedure.
  • At the request of the client, the cosmetologist can perform andkeratin restoration of eyebrows. In detail, what is the lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows (the photo before and after is also interesting to see) is available from a specialist who conducted the procedure.
    what is the lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows before and after photos

Efficiency of lamination

The result of the procedure can be evaluated immediately afterits endings. Thanks to lamination, a protective film is formed on the eyelashes, which protects them from harmful effects, for example, substandard cosmetics, sun, dust, mechanical damage. Judging by the numerous positive reviews, keratin lamination increases each cilium in volume. The useful composition of the preparation not only improves the structure of an individual hair, but also fills the micro cracks, glues the scales, which positively affects the growth of the eyelashes. With lamination, you can also change the shape of the hairs and give them the desired direction, twist them. If the pigments are present in the solution, the specialist can not only change the length and volume, but also give the cilia a beautiful, saturated shade.

The result of the whole procedure also depends on skillcosmetician, individual characteristics of the client, the quality of the drugs used. Anyone who wants to know more about what lamination of eyelashes is, photos before and after the procedure will be a good way to do it.

what is the lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows

Caring for eyelashes and eyebrows after the procedure

Keratin lamination of eyelashes (before and after,see the result of the procedure in the article) is different in that it does not require complex independent care after the master has worked on them. However, despite the simplicity of the procedure, cosmetologists still give some advice.

  • After a session of keratin lamination, do not wet your eyes. Also, avoid any cosmetics, and if possible, do not touch your eyelashes with your hands.
  • Do not use cleansers, tonics that contain alcohol and other aggressive substances. They can spoil the whole effect of the procedure.
  • It is not recommended to apply mechanically to the eyelashes, for example, to rub eyes, scratches and so on.

Experts recommend laminatingeyelashes (before and after photos are presented to your attention in the article) to everyone who is going to go on summer vacation. The effect of heat and sun can spoil the eyelashes, and keratin protects and strengthens them. Also this procedure is good to spend in the winter.

what is the lamination of eyelashes and is it harmful


Nevertheless, this procedure has seriouscontraindications. You can not laminate eyelashes before and after a planned or performed eye surgery, as well as with propensities to allergic reactions to medical and other drugs, individual intolerance to the process, eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis. Also, lamination to pregnant women is contraindicated because of unpredictable reaction of the body. It is not recommended to do lamination on already grown eyelashes, with increased sensitivity of the eyelids and mucous membranes of the eyes. If eyelashes are very short, keratin lamination should not be done - the result will look ridiculous.

what is lamination of eyelashes reviews for what?


Многим представительницам прекрасного пола уже I happened to experience on myself what lamination of eyelashes is. Reviews, what it's for and how long it takes, you can read all this on the pages of fashion magazines. Impressions of the fair sex after the procedure are mostly positive. According to women who used the services of a professional, keratin lamination is a real discovery in the field of cosmetology. It not only lengthens the eyelashes and makes them more magnificent, but also has a caring and strengthening effect. In addition, many girls know what is the lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows, not by hearsay. After completing this procedure one day, you come back to it again and again. The only drawback, not counting contraindications, is the high price of keratin lamination.