/ / Laminating eyebrows and eyelashes: innovation in cosmetology

Laminating eyebrows and eyelashes: innovation in cosmetology

What to do if the nature did not reward you brightlypronounced eyebrows and thick eyelashes? The technology of lamination comes to the rescue. This is a therapeutic procedure that will make the eyebrows and eyelashes chic and natural.

Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows directed to the firstturn to restore weakened hairs. There is deep nutrition and moisturizing with keratin and mineral oils. Eyebrows and eyelashes will be brilliant and will acquire a rich color. No additional care is required.

laminating eyebrows reviews

A procedure such as eyebrow lamination,allows the owner not to worry about their appearance while she is swimming in the sea, visits the sauna and sleeps, as she likes. Also, it can easily apply and wash off cosmetics. Nothing will affect the created form. For those who have naughty, thin and sticking eyebrows in different directions, this procedure will be more useful than ever.

Laminating eyebrows - what is it?

This technology has become one of the novelties in the industrybeauty. For several seasons, the fashion has consistently maintained a dark eyebrow with a beautiful curve in the trend. It is this part of the face that can correct the contours, give expressiveness to the look and give a complete look to the whole image.

Beauty salons also make eyebrows. This procedure is much cheaper in value. But the painted areas are clearly visible and look unnatural.

Do you have a doubt: do you need to laminate your eyebrows? Reviews this method of recovery and shaping scored only the most positive. So it's worth a try.

How to make eyebrows and eyelashes

  1. Before the procedure, you need to properly prepare. Eyelashes and eyebrows are cleaned and degreased by special means so that nutrients can penetrate deep into the hairs.
  2. After the skin of the eyelids, the composition is applied to soften it. It smooths out any irregularities and wrinkles.
  3. When the skin around and the hairs are processed, the eyelashes and eyebrows are shaped.
  4. Next, each hair is treated with a special serum, its composition fixes the position. After the hairs are filled with collagen.

Lamination of eyebrows

Laminating eyebrows is much easier than the procedure for healing eyelashes. You do not need to worry that the composition will penetrate your eyes.

How long will the effect last

Laminating eyebrows can last up to 2months. After this period, the procedure can be repeated. If the eyelashes and eyebrows are too weak, then a course of intensive recovery can be carried out beforehand.

Does it hurt?

Lamination is extremely beneficial andrecovery. With each session, the eyelashes and eyebrows become thicker and more intense. But in the event that there is an allergy, you need to be careful with this. The results can be clearly seen in the photo. There is depicted the lamination of the eyebrows before and after the procedure.

Laminating eyebrows before and after

What is not recommended for lamination isthe subsequent build-up (if it is a question of eyelashes). In the process, the hairs are processed by various substances, which will facilitate rapid detachment of the newly grown.

Is it possible to do lamination before a sea cruise?

It's even necessary.If the vacation is only a few weeks, then you can be calm for your wonderful appearance. In addition, lamination can have a protective effect from wind, sun and sea water.

Benefits of laminating eyebrows and eyelashes

  • Only natural ingredients are used that provide power to the hairs.
  • Long-lasting effect - now you can not worry for a long time about applying cosmetics to your eyes. Laminating the eyebrows makes this part of the face beautiful and neat.
  • For the eyelashes, it is also a stimulation of growth.

Laminating eyelashes and eyebrows

Advantages are immediately apparent.Laminating eyebrows and eyelashes brings only benefit. However, as a recommendation, it should be noted that after this procedure for 24 hours you can not wet your eyes. And then you can do anything: dive, wash, sleep face to pillow. Even further processing eyebrows and cilia with caring creams - this will only contribute to beauty.

You can try to conduct the procedure at home. The whole process will take 1.5-2 hours, but what an effect! If everything is done correctly, then there should be no discomfort.

Do not hesitate, it will benefit every woman eyebrow lamination! Feedback about this exclusive procedure is proof of this.