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Laminating eyelashes: how much is the effect?

An innovative procedure that turns directinexpressive eyelashes in bright, long, with a beautiful izib - lamination of eyelashes. How much is the result that is visible literally the day after the master's work, how long will the eyelashes remain:

  1. More voluminous.The procedure does not involve a significant thickening of the eyelashes, but due to the fact that even thin colorless hairs are covered with a nutritional-coloring composition, they look 2-3 times thicker.
  2. Beautifully curved.This is the most important thing that allows you to achieve the lamination of eyelashes. The testimonies testify to this quite clearly. Many girls have sufficient length and volume, but because the eyelashes are straight, they are not visible - there is no this elegant frame that makes the eyes expressive and feminine. The means for lamination fixes the eyelashes in the desired position, directing their growth.
  3. Gloss, density and rich color.What if the eyelashes are not only straight, but also have long, colorless tips? The composition for lamination and subsequent "glazing" with keratin make eyelashes 2-4 times brighter and stronger. Especially the intensification of color is noticeable on girls - natural blondes, with thin and light eyelashes. Their eyelashes appear.

According to the statements of manufacturers and craftsmen,The procedure is both cosmetic and healthful. In this article we will try to figure out how long lamination of eyelashes will delight its owner. How much does the effect hold when you need to repeat the procedure? In addition, it is important to find out if everyone has the same deadlines.

lamination lashes how much holds

How long does lamination of lashes keep according to manufacturers promises?

Manufacturers promise 6-8 weeks (about 2 months). Throughout this period, the eyes will look as if just yesterday lamination was done.

Reviews paint a slightly different picture. The result lasts from 1 to 3 months (from 4 to 8 weeks).

Why such a big run? The duration of the effect depends on a number of individual parameters:

  1. Preparation for lamination.
  2. The original quality of the eyelashes and the speed of their growth. In place of old eyelashes appear new. The rate of loss of adult cilia is individual.
  3. Professionalism master. Too weak composition can not "take", too strong - spoil the eyelashes.

eyelash lamination reviews

How often should lamination be repeated?

How long does the effect hold is important in orderin order to understand how expensive natural, fluffy eyelashes will be worth on a permanent basis, which you do not need to paint every day with mascara. The price of the procedure is from 1 to 3.5 thousand rubles. This is not so little, but if such expenses are not frequent, then why not lamination all the time?

The procedure really does not have to be a one-off: as soon as the eyelashes began to lose their attractive appearance, the lamination was repeated.

As part of the professionals argues thatThe treatment procedure, the repetition rate also depends solely on the initial state of the eyelashes. One session is enough for someone. Girls with brittle, thin, weak eyelashes will need a series of procedures with a frequency of about 2-3 times within 2-3 months (the decision on the need for the following procedure is made “by eye” by your master). However, even after full completion of the course, you should visit your master in a month to once again make sure that the eyelashes no longer need procedures.

 how much lamination lashes hold

How long will lamination require?

Reviews indicate thatA professional who has provided such a service more than once takes about 45-60 minutes. A first-time student can spend up to 1.5 hours. For comparison: building up will require 2-3 hours or even more, depending on its type and professionalism of the master.

That is, approximately the procedure itself will take about an hour of time and is a combination of perm, dyeing and intensive nutrition.

lamination lashes how much effect lasts

What is the essence of the procedure, how is it performed?

The procedure is innovative, so we analyze what is the lamination of eyelashes. How much is the result, depending on the work of the master?

  1. Degrease the eyelashes with a special tonic or lotion.
  2. A special nutrient is applied to the eyelid skin.
  3. The hair lifts, attaching to the eyelashes a special form of silicone, or "hair curlers." This is necessary to create a beautiful bend. They come in different sizes, depending on the initial length of the eyelashes.
  4. Special compositions are applied to the eyelashes:the first is for bending, then fixing and coloring of classic black, brown or original fantasy shades. It is he who does the bulk of the work, tightening his eyelashes, giving them length and volume.
  5. The eyelashes are covered with keratin.After the procedure, they look like after swimming - wet and stuck together. During the day they should not be wetted and touched (on the face do not sleep). The next day they will become fluffy and get the final look, which will delight their owner in the course of ... more on this below.

how much lamination lashes holds reviews

Immediately after the procedure

Do not wet during the day after the procedure.eyelashes with water, since it is during this period that the applied composition fixes its action. Otherwise, there are no special conditions for the care of laminated eyelashes.

By the time of the update, when some of them are alreadynew cilia fell out and new cilia appeared, and some were still covered with lamination, they might look sloppy, but if you repeat the procedure in time, then this period can be avoided.

Is lamination the same as a biowave?

A small digression:Lamination should not be confused with a simple perm, biowave and dyeing! The procedures are really very similar, but there is a difference in the composition of the funds. For lamination apply more gentle components. This, of course, does not negate the fact that it is impossible to achieve bending with completely natural components and absolutely useful for eyelashes, skin of the eyelids and eyes. Therefore, the procedure is applied with caution to girls with sensitive skin, and pregnancy, lactation and eye diseases are a direct contraindication.

Lamination is specially designed so thatcompensate for the effects of fixing substances. Eyelashes, as well as nails or hair, are not skin. Their composition is completely different. With proper exposure to them and adequate compensation, it is possible to avoid fragility, loss, and any other problems.

lamination lashes how much is the result

Resilience results and brands

The most popular brands are Yumi Lashes.(Switzerland) and Nover Lash Up (United Kingdom). There is also an American brand - Paul Mitchell - hair products are produced under it, but there are also kits so that in professional conditions lamination of eyelashes can be performed. There are no reviews about this brand; obviously, it is available only in a very narrow professional environment or abroad.


  • Nover Lash Up - from 6 weeks and longer. That is not less than one and a half months.
  • Yumi Lashes - the manufacturer promises a lasting effect after the first procedure - up to 3 months.

And in fact, how much lamination lashes? The reviews below will draw a clearer and more reliable picture.

Below we analyze the information first-hand. This will help us figure out how much lamination lamination actually holds.

Yumi Lashes Reviews

About this brand the most reviews, in which there are very different terms, the average - 2-2.5 months.

Some clients in two years of regular(every 2-3 months) application did not have any problems. Eyelashes in excellent condition, not thin and did not fall out. It is noteworthy that these clients use only the services of craftsmen that are listed on the official website of the brand.

But there are also stories about the opposite result.Many are interested in the procedure of lamination lashes. Reviews are more than attractive. However, individual features should be considered. Some clients say that the eyelashes looked great the first two weeks: bright, good bend. However, as soon as they grew a bit, scrapping became noticeable instead of a smooth bend - it looked ugly. Some eyelashes lay along the eyelid, others stuck out in different directions. To tolerate a questionable look in terms of aesthetics, in this case, it will take a month, until the time when the eyelashes almost grow and lie flat. They will return to their original appearance only in 2-2.5 months - with a full update.

Other users can't say for sureHow much lamination lashes. The effect comes to naught gradually, it may partially persist even in a month, except that the eyelashes will slightly straighten and become paler, but they will still look better than their own - brighter and more expressive.

What if fromAre your eyelashes weak and short?After lamination, they can look great. As some users point out, two weeks. Then the shortcomings that can be seen immediately will become even more noticeable. Eyelashes will simply hang around in all directions, anyhow, completely lamination will come down in 1.5 months.

Let's see how lamination behaves ifnative lashes - long, but with a slight bend. After lamination, they will look just great. Some clients with native long eyelashes talk about these terms: a beautiful view without mascara - for a week, another two weeks with mascara - great. Then eyelashes grow and stick in different directions. Obviously, long and weak can fall under the weight of the applied funds.

It is possible to make lamination of lashes more successfully.How many keep - this question some girls answer very clearly. Exactly one month without changes, then their eyelashes begin to grow, only they become darker, and another month of beautiful appearance. Total - 2 months could not worry about beautiful eyelashes. These clients made lamination from experienced craftsmen.

What happens if you dye eyelashes afterlamination with decorative cosmetics? In this case, the effect may disappear completely in a month. It is assumed that this is due to decorative cosmetics - means for lamination is erased along with mascara when removing makeup.

lamination lashes how much time

Nover Lash Up Reviews

The effect may not be at all, as they saySome clients who are interested in the procedure of lamination lashes. How much time is kept, they cannot say. This category of users has their own pretty bright eyelashes, on which the effect is simply not noticeable. Indeed, Nover Lash Up manufacturers recommend lamination to those who have long, but colorless and weak eyelashes. If the eyelashes are thick, dark, bright but short, the Nover Lash Up kits are offered for extension.

Another reason for failure is an inexperienced master. If he incorrectly chooses the size of the roller, the bend can be barely noticeable, although the eyelashes will become darker and more saturated.

Overall, the reviews are positive.Despite promises in the salon - 6-8 weeks, eyelashes keep a beautiful view for more than 10 weeks. Of course, the view changes by the end of this period, some eyelashes fall out, some fall, but a beautiful bend remains, which compensates for minor tweaks.

Let's sum up the results

Summarizing all the above, you can make such recommendations:

  1. Lamination should be done only with reliablemasters, otherwise the result may be unpleasant surprises (shaggy eyelashes, creases, non-ciliated eyelashes, their falling off). The main reason for the negative result is an incorrectly chosen bend size and endurance composition.
  2. If you do lamination lashes, how long does the effect last? About 1.5 months, until a complete change of eyelashes. The most qualitative view, according to the majority of reviews, is in the first two weeks.
  3. Процедура действительно может стимулировать рост own beautiful eyelashes - they become darker with a bend. But such results were only among those who went through several quality procedures.
  4. Kits from different manufacturers differ inresult, performance, composition of funds, so that, reading the reviews and planning the procedure, you should pay attention to the brand and do not hesitate to ask the master about his work experience, the characteristics of your eyelashes and how the composition will suit you.