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Services of operative polygraphy: lamination of documents

Document lamination isspecial coating procedure designed to protect printed products from various kinds of damage. This technology protects the paper from deliberate or accidental damage and significantly extends its service life, ensuring safety and original appearance for an extended period of time. In addition, lamination of documents many times improves the readability of paper-type media, and also gives additional color saturation to images. Most often, they cover ID cards, book covers, cards, calendars and other products that are at risk of being torn, crumpled or flooded due to their frequent use.

paper lamination
На сегодняшний день наиболее часто ламинирование paper is used for promotional purposes, as it allows for a short time and almost from scrap materials to create reliable and high-quality advertising media. Particularly relevant is the procedure for applying a protective coating for quickly wearable products, for example, for business cards and advertising brochures. If necessary, you can perform and lamination of photos, diplomas, travel certificates and similar documents.

lamination of documents
The coating procedure itself is divided into rolland batch. The latter is the most convenient and easiest way to laminate single sheets of paper. The film used in this technology can be of different formats and types - both matte and glossy. If it is necessary to laminate a postcard, a card, a gift certificate and any other personal documents, in the salon engaged in operational printing, this will be done in a batch method in just ten to fifteen minutes. Roll lamination of documents is hot and cold. Hot coating technology is one of the most common methods used in the printing industry. Lamination in this case is performed on special installations, the usual (up to A4) or industrial format (up to A0). The equipment is not distinguished by a complex management system and is prepared for work in just a couple of minutes, which allows printers to work quickly with large print runs. Cold lamination is a relatively new procedure, only gaining popularity.

cold lamination

Over a long period of time the processCoating was limited in use due to the fact that it was carried out exclusively at high temperatures and high pressure, which not every paper and ink could successfully withstand. The problem was solved with the invention of the technology of cold lamination, which made it possible to cover non-thermostable printing products and any synthetic materials.

Order lamination of documents for one or anothertechnology is possible today in almost any salon operational printing. The final cost will depend on the application technology, the thickness of the film used, the use of special effects, the necessary circulation and paper size.