/ What is better - the build-up or lamination of eyelashes? Laminating eyelashes: reviews, consequences. Professional eyelash extension

What is better - the build-up or lamination of eyelashes? Laminating eyelashes: reviews, consequences. Professional eyelash extension

Thick and long eyelashes by nature - beautifulwealth, but not every woman has it. Now various cosmetic means are used for this, thanks to which the eyes can be made more expressive. Therefore, many are interested in what is best - the build-up or lamination of eyelashes. Thanks to these methods, the cilia become lush and longer. Procedures are considered affordable, but they also have a difference.


If you are interested in answering the question about what is best, building or laminating eyelashes, then you need to consider that they are performed using different technologies:

  • When building, the addition of artificial hairs made of synthetics or natural materials is performed. Thanks to this, you quickly get the desired effect, but it does not look natural.

that it is better to build or laminate eyelashes

  • When laminating to the cilia, nourishing, coloring and other substances are applied, due to which they become shiny and long.

The reviews show that both procedures are in demand. Women recommend consulting with a master who can determine the appropriate option for cilia renovation.

Advantages of lamination

Many women choose eyelash lamination.Reviews, the consequences of this procedure are varied. The method attracts by the fact that the composition contains no hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Lamination creates an air-permeable layer on the cilia. Its pluses include:

  • With lamination, a slight build-up effect is obtained, but it looks natural. Therefore, for lovers of natural make-up, this option will be the most suitable.
  • If your cilia are thin and dry, then with the help of the procedure they change. They acquire a splendor and a brilliant appearance.

Lamination eyelashes reviews effects

  • Improves the growth of cilia.
  • In the procedure, the skin around the eyes is treated with nutrients.

Thanks to these advantages many women choose this variant of cilia renovation. They look attractive.

Keratin Lamination

Keratin is a strong protein that entersin the derivatives of the skin, for example, in the eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, nails. Thanks to this substance, which is part of the tool, the result is beautiful. Keratin lamination of the eyelashes makes the hairs smooth and shiny.

beauty salon eyelash extensions

The procedure increases the size, bending of the cilia,strengthens them. As part of the funds have nutritional components, so it is also useful. Keratin lamination of eyelashes will give the best result if you perform it in the salon.

Lacks of eyelash lamination

Are there any contraindications forLaminating eyelashes? The procedure can not be performed during pregnancy, susceptibility to allergies, eye diseases, eye surgery. The disadvantages of lamination include:

  • The result will be practically invisible if their cilia are naturally good looking.
  • High cost of work.
  • Due to the violation of technology, the state of cilia is deteriorating.

Despite the disadvantages, many people choose lamination of eyelashes. Reviews, the effects of the procedure may be different, but in any case they need to be considered. This will allow to evaluate the results.

Pros build

Distributed procedure - professional eyelash extensions. Its benefits include:

  • Transformation in a few hours. Eyes become expressive. The procedure is suitable for those cases if you need to quickly prepare for any event.
  • No need to use daily mascara and curl eyelashes. If they are glued to black glue, then eyeliner is not required. For these properties, building is considered the best procedure.

keratin lamination lashes

  • After that, cilia become more resistant to water and tears.
  • Usually artificial cilia attach for ever and not to natural.
  • The correct location of the eyelashes visually changes the slit eyes.

Lack of build-up

Like any other procedure, the extension has disadvantages:

  • After that, care must be taken: do not rub your eyes, use contact lenses carefully. If they are applied daily, the eyelashes can quickly peel off.
  • It is not necessary to sleep face down, and also to go to a bath, a sauna.
  • The procedure is prohibited with conjunctivitis, with oily skin, allergies.
  • Eyelids should not be treated with oils and fatty cream. For washing, you must use the means in which there is no soap.
  • For oily skin is better to use lotions.
  • After a while, extended eyelashes should be removed, as their appearance deteriorates.
  • Too long eyelashes can not have a natural look.
  • If your eyelashes are weakened, then this causes their loss.
  • After the procedure, do not use mascara, because it has oil, and they dissolve the glue.

Каждый метод имеет свои плюсы и минусы, поэтому women need to decide for themselves what is better - extension or lamination of eyelashes. Reviews testify to the need for a master's advice that will select the best option based on individual characteristics.

Eyelash extensions

For performance of work it is better to address in salonbeauty. Eyelash extensions and lamination are different procedures. Different materials are used for them. Building is carried out using:

  • Artificial eyelashes made of nylon, silk.The phrase “mink” or “sable” indicates not the material, but the length and quality of the hairs. In bundle extensions bundles are used, in the eyelash extensions - hairs. For the procedure are well suited tools of companies such as Dolce Vita, Irisk Professional, MACY.
  • Rubber, silicone, latex or resin glue. It can be transparent or black. In the salons use the funds of firms Sky, Vivienne, Dolce.
  • Makeup remover.
  • Degreasing composition.
  • Retainer.
  • Paper hairs.
  • Tweezers.
  • Brush.

professional eyelash extensions

If no beauty salon is selected for this,eyelash extensions at home should be performed using professional tools. Cheap kits will not allow you to get the desired result, and can also cause allergies.

What is required for lamination?

The lamination procedure can be performed only when there is everything you need:

  • Means for opening the cuticle.
  • Dye.
  • Silicone tread.
  • Nutritious cream.
  • Keratin composition.
  • Vitaminizing agent.
  • Thin brushes.
  • Brush.
  • Silicone molds.
  • Makeup remover.
  • Degreaser.

The salons use cosmetics brands LVL Lashes, DP Lumi, Beautier. If the work is done at home, then you also need to use quality tools.


The result will delight about a month,if eyelash extensions are performed. Correction is carried out after this period. Cilia hold until they grow their own. They change approximately every 200 days. When the term of the socks is over, they must be removed. This procedure is performed in the cabin, where the master applied special tools. The result of the follow-up extensions is maintained 2 times longer compared with the beam.

what to do after eyelash extensions

After lamination, nothing needs to be removed.The result is saved up to 3 months. Over time, the composition is washed off. Color will be saturated up to 6 weeks. What is better - eyelash extensions or lamination? Given sustainability, the second procedure will be more practical. The hairs will be resistant to external influences.


What to do after eyelash extensions?Careful care of them is required, which will allow to preserve their appearance for a long period. After the extension or lamination procedure, you should not wash for 3 hours, and also rub your eyes, use waterproof mascara, and means to remove it. According to the reviews it is clear that it is better to consult with the master about the care.

To maintain healthy eyelashes, you needuse special preparations for feeding. Often used castor oil, which has many beneficial properties. You can use liquid vitamin E, almond oil. If you use mascara, it is better to choose cosmetics with keratin and vitamins.

What is better?

Both procedures are considered safe, although they havecontraindications. They are not performed during pregnancy. This is not due to harm, but because the result may not like it. Lamination uses nutrients that are good for the skin. This procedure usually does not affect the growth of cilia.

eyelash extension correction

Often after growing cilia becomeweaker if before that they were thin. This is due to the additional load. The result depends largely on the professionalism of the master who will perform the build-up. When choosing what is best, it should be remembered that lamination and extension are two different procedures, although both are designed to improve the appearance of the eyes.