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Laminating hair with gelatin

Under the lamination of hair is commonly understooddrawing on hair some special means, forming on them a protective film. This procedure makes each individual hair thicker. After that, the curls look really strong, shining, healthy, beautiful and much less split, but this effect can not be called long. The fact is that if this operation is performed in the conditions of the salon, then there is practically no curative effect on the hair.

This salon procedure is performed by experiencedprofessional masters. At the same time, very expensive means are used, which contain chemical elements in their composition. Such formulations form a thin film that clogs the cracks and any lesions on each hair. This procedure also allows the color to remain noticeably longer after staining. If you make the lamination of hair at home gelatin, then you can combine business with pleasure. This tool is safer than what you will be offered in the salon.

By itself, gelatin is a substance,contained in the tissues of animals. In its composition there is collagen, proteins, proteins. All these elements are required for our hair and nails. Gelatin restores the hair as a whole. It makes them more dense, strong, beautiful and healthy. After using masks on its basis, the hair grows significantly faster, less injured if you use a hairdryer or ironing pad. And this is important for many ladies.

Laminating hair with gelatin may have a differenteffect in each specific case. The structure of the hair is different for all, so a different result is obtained. However, in any case, the benefit will be unquestionable.

Laminating hair with gelatin: how to do it

First you need to wash your head withusing a shampoo, after which you must use a balm or conditioner. After that, using a towel, the hair should be slightly dried (use of a hair dryer is strictly prohibited). Now you can apply a laminating mask, the recipe of which will be described later. In the scalp, the mixture should not be rubbed, since gelatin tightens it. After that, you need to put on a shower cap, and put the towel on top. On the hair mask should be kept for about fifteen minutes, all the while warming up with a hairdryer through a towel. Now you need to hold the composition on your head for another thirty minutes. Then you should wash your head with lukewarm water. The hair must then dry naturally. The procedure should be repeated a week later. If you like to do this, then you can repeat it weekly.

Laminating hair with gelatin: prepare mask

The composition of this facility includes a dining rooma spoonful of dry gelatin, three to four tablespoons of water, a hair balm in a ratio of 1: 1 to the resulting gelatin solution. Now it remains to mix everything. To begin with, gelatin is poured with water, and when it swells, balm is added, this is done until a creamy consistency is obtained. Thoroughly stir everything. Lamination of hair with gelatin is done using this ready-made mass according to the principles outlined above.

This is not the only use.From this natural product you can make masks not only for the lamination of hair, but also for their growth and volume. You can use gelatin for healthy hair with normal head washing. In the shampoo, you need to add a small amount of swollen gelatin. This tool is also very effective.

Laminating hair with gelatin: reviews and opinions of specialists

This technique has already earned a lot ofpositive feedback from women with different hair condition. And experts are convinced that this method is not only very economical, but it also brings tangible benefits, since it really helps to restore damaged hair.