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Laminating hair at home with gelatin

Not so long ago reading on the Internetpositive feedback on the lamination of hair in the beauty salon and after watching the photos on which the girls with amazingly beautiful, shiny hair were captured, I began to think about trying this procedure on myself. It only bothers me that my hair, which recently suffered not the best quality perm, became as dry as real straw. So, to dare to give myself back to the "professional in the hairdresser's art" of our small town, I'm in no hurry. That's why I was so happy, stumbling across the same worldwide network on an article that painted home hair lamination. And of course, I decided to try out a practically free way to become more beautiful.

What is gelatin?

Why is lamination of hair at home?gelatin is produced? The whole secret is that gelatin has some remarkable properties. It is a natural collagen that helps improve the condition of cartilage and joints. The same effect from him can be expected in cosmetology, gelatin strengthens nails, hair. He seems to envelop them with a film and protects them from aggressive external influences, giving the hair a brilliant, healthy appearance.

Laminating hair at home with gelatin. Prepare the mixture

In order to prepare a mixture for laminating hair, we will need:

  • a few bags of ordinary gelatin;
  • conditioner for your hair type or firming hair mask;

Agree set spartan!If all the ingredients are ready, you should wash your head thoroughly first. Some advise to thoroughly soap hair with laundry soap, but it seems to me that shampoo with balm will be quite enough. Then wrap the hair with a towel and prepare the solution.

Stir in gelatin with boiling water at the rate of 5tablespoons of boiling water for 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder. Then mix the mixture thoroughly. Leave to swell for half an hour. If you notice the lumps, you can warm it up in a microwave or over a gas stove in a water bath, stirring again.

After the mixture has turned out to be perfectly homogeneous, we add air conditioning to it. Blondes can squeeze the same juice of lemon. Leave the resulting mass to cool.

Laminating hair at home with gelatin. Apply the mixture

The resulting gelatin mixture is applied warm todamp hair. Avoid excessive rubbing in the roots of hair, just distribute it along the entire length. Now you need to pull a shower cap on your head, and wrap it on top with a warm towel, so that your hair is warm. For better effect, it is recommended to warm your head with a hairdryer. In this position, you need to wait an hour and a half. Then we wash off the mask from the hair with running warm water without using a detergent. Dry them in a natural way.

Laminating hair at home with gelatin. Effect

Many girls noticed that after a similarhome procedure, hair becomes as thick as it is thicker, cease to bulge and become electrified. But unlike salon lamination, this method does not have a long effect, so it is desirable to repeat the whole action once a week.

It should be noted that this is a lamination for the hairdoes not require special expenses, so in case of failure you will not have to worry because of wasted money. By the way, you need to adopt a weekly head wash with shampoo and gelatin, which strengthens the hair. You can also periodically prepare masks that include this product. In any case, I, under the influence of positive reviews on the Internet, tomorrow I will buy the coveted gelatin and I will improve the condition of my hair.