/ / Actress Natalia Vdovina: biography, career and personal life

Actress Natalia Vdovina: biography, career and personal life

Наталья Вдовина – удивительно красивая женщина и talented actress. On her account dozens of bright roles played in the theater and the big cinema. Do you want to know the history of the career of an artist? Are you interested in her personal life? Then you can right now begin to study the content of the article.

Natalia's widow


Natalia Vdovina (photo above) was born on January 12, 1969. Its homeland is a small town Belogorsk, located on the territory of the Republic of Crimea.

Natasha's father and mother are ordinary people who do not haveno relation to the theater and cinema. Soon after the birth of her daughter, the family moved to Simferopol. It was there that our heroine went to the first class. The girl attended various mugs: drawing, dancing and singing. Thanks to this, she received comprehensive development.


At the end of secondary school in Simferopol Nataliadecided to go to Moscow. The girl submitted documents to several theaters of the capital. At first she failed the entrance exams in one institute, then in another. And only in the VTU them. Shchepkina smiled at her luck. The blonde was enrolled in the university, which she was unspeakably happy.

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Work in the theater: successes and achievements

In 1990, Natalia Vdovina received a diploma ingraduation from the university. She did not have to search for work for a long time. The girl wanted to get into the troupe of the Sovremennik Theater. But fate decreed otherwise. Natalia was invited to work in the theater "Satyricon". Khudruk Konstantin Raikin immediately employed her in several performances. For example, in the production of "The Magnificent Cuckold" she played Stella. And in the "Threepenny Opera" she successfully got used to the image of Polly Picham.

Konstantin Raikin struck not only the appearanceWidow. He also noted the creativity and the steel character of the girl. Natalya Vdovina is grateful for the fact that she sent her such a wise and talented mentor.

In 1994, our heroine was awarded the prizeCrystal Turandot. Thus, the professional jury noted her amazing game in the play "The magnificent cuckold". But that is not all. Widowed twice (in 2001 and 2006) won the “Seagull” award. The actress carefully keeps these awards. She is not going to stop there. In an interview with the print media, Vdovina repeatedly stated that she could not imagine her life without the theater and the applause of the public.

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Filmography Natalia Vdovinoy

For several years, our heroine was engaged in the development of only theatrical career. At some point, she decided to expand the horizons of his work.

In 1995, actress Natalia Vdovina for the first timeappeared on tv screens. She got a small role in the film "Summer People". The blonde completely coped with the tasks that the director had set for her.

Then followed a 7-year break in work. Natalya devoted all her time to the theater. Proposals about filming in the movies she did not receive. And Vdovina herself did not seek to develop her film career.

She appeared on the screens again only in 2002. She was approved for the role in the TV series “Poirot Failure”. Our heroine was able to convey the character and emotional attitude of Mrs. Folliot.

At the moment, Natalia Vdovina’s filmography includes more than 30 roles in TV shows and films. We list her most vivid and interesting work:

  • "Return" (2003) - mother.
  • “New Russian Romance” (2005) - Alevtina.
  • Mymra (2007) - Elena Vladimirovna.
  • “Double Loss” (2009) - Victoria.
  • "Zhurov" (series, 2009) - Uvarova.
  • “Kremlin cadets” (2009-2010) - Svetlana Mamina.
  • "Moon-moon" (2011) - Tamara Arkhipova.
  • “Porcelain Wedding” (2011) - Nina Uteshina.
  • Swallow's Nest (2012) - Asya.
  • “Two winters and three summers” (2013) - the main role.
  • “Last Night” (2015) - Nadia.

Actress Natalia Vdovina

Personal life

Наталья Вдовина – блондинка с голубыми глазами и slim figure. It's hard not to fall in love with such a beauty. For our heroine guys ran in high school and in high school. However, the girl can not be reproached with frivolity and amorousness.

Many fans want to know if their heart is free.beautiful actress Unfortunately, we will have to upset them. She has been legally married for a long time. Natalia and her spouse bring up two daughters. The eldest, Maya, lives and studies in London. The actress has a younger son, Roma. He is still small. Natalia takes her son with her to shoot in other cities. Nannies Widow does not trust. And this is her right.


We reviewed the biography and personal life of Natalia Vdovina. Before us is a self-confident and purposeful woman, a loving wife and a caring mother. We wish her creative success and family happiness!