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Short biography: Natalia Varley

For all fans of the famousKomsomol, sportswomen and just beauties - an interesting biography. Natalia Varley was born in 1947 in the Romanian town of Constanta. She was the most usual girl who loved music, tried to write poetry as a child, she could read the book she liked for hours.

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Later, in the late 50's, the family of Nataliamoved to the capital. Unlike the screen image, which was remembered for the film "The Prisoner of the Caucasus", Natasha was not a sports girl at all. Doctors found her an unpleasant disease - rheumatic heart disease. Specialists have imposed a ban on active sports.

And only when Natasha turned 12 years old, she independently enrolled in the circus section. It happened after the campaign to the circus, where the announcement that the set in the acrobatics group was started was hanging.

Varley successfully graduated from the acrobatic department of the State Circus College, which enabled her in 1965 to join the troupe of the famous circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

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From this moment the whole life of the younggirl and her future biography. Natalia Varley was noticed by the director Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich, who came to one of the circus performances. He suggested the girl try to star in his film "Rainbow Formula". The first role was small, but of great importance for Varley, because she gave her the opportunity to shoot on.

Actress Natalia Varley woke up famous in1967, after the release of the comic film "The Caucasian Captive", where she played the main female role. She managed to win the audience's love at one point. Almost immediately she was invited to appear in the role of Pannochka in the acclaimed film "Viy". Against the backdrop of these and subsequent roles, the novice artist develops a new profession, as evidenced by her biography. Natalia Varley in 1971 graduated from the Shchukinsky Theater School. And in the period from 1971 to 1978. with success will perform on the stage of the Moscow Stanislavsky Drama Theater.

Infinite charm and femininity inherent inNatalia, made her the idol of millions of Soviet guys. But Natalia's husband was in 1967 a famous actor Nikolai Burlyaev. The marriage quickly disintegrated, the second actress husband in 1969 was the son of actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov - Vladimir Tikhonov. In their family in 1972, the firstborn was born - the son of Vasily. By that time, the marriage was on the verge of collapse due to the addiction of the spouse to alcohol. After the birth of the child, the couple broke up. Later, in 1985, the actress is born a second child, also a boy - Alexander. Natalya did not divulge the name of the second child's father, which is confirmed by her biography. Natalia Varley is left without work and leading roles. She is rescued by episodic roles and the scoring of serials.

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In 1997, it appears before the eyes of the audiencein the New Year project "Old songs about the main thing." Later, she admits that she could not find a place in modern cinema, far from spirituality. But the actress found herself, becoming the leading program "Home chores." Now Natalia Varley, whose children have grown up and matured, again arranges her personal life. She in various interviews tells that she found a life partner with whom she was married. All the misfortunes and intrigues of fate were left behind after the actress came to faith in God.