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Natalia Gromushkina is a famous Russian actress and producer

Gromushkina Natalia - popularactress and producer. The audience is known for such multi-series films as "Doomed to become a star" and "Ondine." Gromushkina is actively filming in TV shows, cinema and plays in the theater. Not so long ago Natalia took part in the program "Dancing with the Stars" and took third place there. In the article we will present her brief biography.


Natalia Gromushkina was born in 1975in the capital of the Russian Federation. Since childhood, the girl attended a dance club, a music school and sang in the VIA. In 1986 Natasha took part in the musical "Child of the World". This was the first Soviet-American project. And in 1989 she made her debut in the film "Until the First Blood", shot by Valery Fokin. The girl was only thirteen then.

наталья громушкина


After graduating from school, Natalia Gromushkina submitted documents to GITIS. The future actress got on the course of the famous Leonid Kheifets. Natasha combined the study with the game in the KVN (collective "Squadron Hussar").

In 1994 the girl was accepted to the troupe of the TheaterMoscow City Council. In 1997, Natalia decided to participate in the casting for the shooting of the film "Tavro Kassandra" based on the book by Chingiz Aitmatov. Director Yuri Kara proposed to shoot a film in space aboard the Mir station, but the project was never implemented.

Since 1998, Gromushkina has periodicallyappear on the stage of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. In 2002, the actress took part in the production of two famous musicals: "Chicago" and "Notre Dame de Paris." Also Natasha helped in the organization of the musical "12 chairs". Well, in 2004, the girl produced the play "Memorial Prayer" at the Museteater.

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In 2005, Natalia Gromushkina received the postart producer of the festival "Musical heart of the theater". In 2008, the actress took part in the program "Dancing with the Stars". The girl took the third place there. A year later Natalia played a key role in the famous musical "Mata Hari". She also produced the musical "Cabaret", while simultaneously embodying the image of Sally Bowles.

On account of Gromushkin more than 20 roles in the cinema.Among them - Katrin ("I'm happy"), Larisa Mayevskaya ("There was love"), Olga ("43rd number") and many others. In 2011, the actress brilliantly played Zvonareva (Wild-2), Larissa ("To marry a general") and the Original ("Moscow Decameron"). The last work of the girl was a social drama "Next to Us", released on screens in 2016.

наталья громушкина personal life

Natalia Gromushkina: personal life

Seven years the actress was married to AlexanderDomogarov. For the sake of her husband, Natalia temporarily gave up her career and took up the administrative issues of the artist. In 2005, the couple had a son Gordey, but this did not save the relationship. Alexander and Natalia divorced before his birth. There were rumors that the marriage broke up because of the participation of the heroine of this article in the musical "Chicago". Ambitious and ambitious Domogarov did not want to share the attention of his wife with anyone.

наталья громушкина personal life

After that, the artist for a long time was inlonely, engaged in the education of Gordey. Soon Natalia Gromushkina met with actor Ilya Obolonkov. In 2012, a young man made her an offer at the film festival in "Eaglet". The girl hesitated for a long time, since the chosen one was much younger than her by age. Doubts of Natalia were dispelled by Gordey's son. The boy told his mother that if she did not agree, he would go on living with Obolonkov. These words have all decided. Lovers secretly played a wedding. And in 2013 Gromushkina gave birth to Obolonkov's daughter. The girl was given a rare name - Iliana.