/ / Actress Natalia Terekhova: biography, career, personal life

Actress Natalya Terekhova: biography, career, personal life

Actress Natalia Terekhova now often cansee on the TV screens. And it's no wonder that after several successful projects, where the girl played the main roles, she got recognition and popularity.

Actress Natalia Terekhova

Biographical information

The future star appeared on September 6, 1982year in the famous city of Russia, St. Petersburg (then Leningrad). When Natalya graduated from high school, she faced the main question that concerns all former schoolchildren: where to go next, what profession to choose for a good future. And if the rest can think and choose for a long time, then for Natalya the choice was made long ago. Even while studying at school, the girl was thinking about the stage. And now, after graduation, she finally decides to submit documents to the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts, successfully passes all the stages of the contest and becomes a student of a prestigious university, which ends in 2004.


After graduating from the theater academy actressNatalia Terekhova goes to the theater "Comedians". The first performance that Natalia played in the theater was "Dachnitsa". After that, she took part in several other productions, which enabled her to gain the love of theatergoers.

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After a while, actress Natalia Terekhovabegan to try and in the cinema, trying to combine it with the theater. Like many other actors, at the beginning of the cinematography there were mostly episodic roles that, as a rule, were not remembered to anyone. "Streets of Broken Lights", "Lines of Destiny", "National Security Agent", "Touched" - films from which Natalia started, and thanks to whom she could get experience working in film.


Repeatedly starring in episodic roles,Natalia still showed herself. It was noticed by the directors to invite them to new projects. The painting "Petya the Magnificent", in which actress Natalia Terekhova, played the main role, brought her popularity and recognition. Now she finally became loved by the audience, who discovered a new media face.

After a while she got the role of the village girl Zhenya in the series "Sorcery Love", which also went successfully on TV screens and only reinforced the status of the young actress.

After successful two paintings she became truly recognizable, which means that her work could be seen by the filmmakers and invited her to new projects.

Personal life

After graduation from the theatrical high school Natalia cameto work in the theater "Comedians", in which she got acquainted with her future husband. As it turned out later, her future husband, actor Anatoly Ilchenko, worked in the theater for a year. He came to him a year before Natalia, and from the same theater academy.

Initially, actress Natalia Terekhova, did not pay attention to Anatoly, because at that time was married, and except her husband no one saw beside him.

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But the young man did not back down.He continued to seek the location of the girl he liked, regularly giving her signs of attention. But he did it secretly, Natalia and could not suspect anything. He presented the girl with gifts and flowers, supposedly from a secret admirer, who was himself. This continued a certain time, but soon Natalia found out that in fact, a secret admirer is her colleague Anatoly. This is true for the girl was very much to the point, because at that time she was just going through a divorce with her husband.

Since then, the personal life of actress Natalia Terekhova has improved. Anatoly soon made an offer of hands and heart, to which the girl agreed.

According to the actors themselves, they are very comfortable together. They both had unhappy marriages behind, and now, at last, have found a joint happiness, which is very expensive for them. The couple has a son Dmitry.