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Natalia Feklenko: life and work

Feklenko Natalia Vladimirovna isHonored Artist of the Russian Federation since 2009, and also plays in the Moscow Theater of Satire. How she came to this, and how her career developed, you'll find out below.

Biography of the actress

Natalia Feklenko was born on February 15, 1946 andis Aquarius by the horoscope. Natalia Vladimirovna studied acting at the GITIS, on the course conducted by the actor Vasily Orlov, as well as Ovchinskaya MN.

At the end of the school Natalia FeklenkoThey took part in the ranks of the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire, the leading actress of which she became for a long time. Natalia played in such plays as "Foam", "Nedorosl", "Crow", "My Little Rods", "Women without Borders" and so on. She played on the same stage with such famous artists of Russia as A. Papanov, S. Mishulin, G. Menglet and many others.

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Family and family

Seven actresses can be called without a doubt stellar:the children of Natalia followed in her footsteps. Daughter Daria and son Vladimir also became actors. Darya has a son named Ivan, and Vladimir has a daughter with the unusual name of Miroslav. So Natalia does not have time to get bored during her free time and during her performances - she has grandchildren, whom she wants to spend as much time as possible.

Daughter of Natalia Daria graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio andbegan to work in the theater. Today she takes an active part in several theatrical projects. And Natalia's son Vladimir graduated from VTI them. Shchukin and began to act in films since 2005. His first work was a role in the detective film "The Head of the Classic".

If we talk about the personal life of Natalia Feklenko, now the actress of theater and cinema is not married. They were married to the actor Stanislav Borodkin.

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Variety in career

Natalia Feklenko during her career had timeto visit not only as an actress, but also as a director. She managed to participate in the filming of films of various genres. As an actress Natalia Feklenko acted in Russian comedies, dramas, and melodramas. These were full-length films, and long series with extensive plot, and short mini-series from several series.

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Filmography of the actress

Debut in the movie for the actress was a role in the film"Seasons", which was filmed in the stories of Yu. Nagibin in 1968, where she played the main role. Her heroine was the girl Masha. Natalia Vladimirovna also starred in the screen versions of the performances. For example, such films as the "Tablet under the tongue", "Raven", "Suicide", "Eight loving women" and many others can be cited. The most famous works of the actress were roles in the films "In the last turn", "Hurricane comes imperceptibly", "Five minutes of fear" and others. In each film, Natalia Vladimirovna appeared before the audience in a completely new and unusual image and each time coped with her role so impeccably, as if she did not have to play.

In the late nineties, Feklenko took part in thefilming the film in a documentary genre called "Family Secrets." Repeatedly actress was shot in Russian serials. For example, you can bring the series "Medical Secret", "Crazy Angel", "City of temptations", "Advocates", the first two seasons of the series "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" and others. The actress during the filming was always focused on the work and fully got used to the role.

Even our voluminous article failedlist all the numerous works of the actress, since the number of pictures in which she took part is really great. The actress gives herself completely to each role and literally empathizes with each of her characters.

At the moment, Natalia V. Feklenko devoted more than forty years of work to the theater. Even today, she continues to delight the audience with her charisma, charm and amazing acting.