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Natalia Andreichenko: the biography of the Soviet Mary Poppins

Andreichenko Natalia Eduardovna
Many in childhood were fascinated by the film "MaryPoppins, goodbye! ". And, we can say that it was thanks to this picture that Russia learned about who Natalia Andreichenko is. The biography of the actress has dozens of roles in various films, but for each viewer she is, first of all, "Lady Perfection" - Mary Poppins. About the life of the actress behind the scenes, read in the article.

Natalia Andreichenko: biography. Childhood

The future honored artist was born in 1956, in the spring, on May 3. Her father was an employee at the aircraft factory, and my mother worked in the Ministry of Education.

In five years the girl was carried away by the ballet, after thatas I saw the performance in the theater "Sleeping Beauty". At eight, she already acted as a choreographer and director on one of the school holidays. And in the third grade the girl went to music school and began to play the piano. Another hobby of talented and energetic Natalya was swimming. But in the big sport she was not going to - she was afraid that her hands would lose grace and become the same as professional swimmers.

The decision that she will become an actress, Natalia took in the tenth grade, when the documents for admission to the philological faculty at Moscow State University were already collected.

Actress Natalia Andreichenko

actress natalia andreichenko biography

Her biography contains information thatthe actress first tried to enter the acting school named Shchepkin, but without success. However, she did not give up and went to VGIK. There she was immediately accepted, and already in the second year she played her first role in life. It was a film "From dawn to dusk." By 1977, her acting arsenal already had five roles. But the first success to her brought in the film "Sibiryada" in 1978. There she played the role of the beautiful Siberian beauty Solomina Nastya, who, according to Andreichenko herself, became one of her most successful roles. After the filming of this film, Natalia was included in the list of Soviet actors who will go abroad. For her at that time it was tantamount to the State award. Andreichenko starred in several other average films, but even episodic roles she succeeded brilliantly, she was always remembered by the viewer. The directors valued in the actress an amazing sensitivity to the camera, the so-called cynicism - feelings and emotions she always had in moderation.

Natalia Andreichenko. Biography: a real success

наталья андрейченко with family
The beginning of the eighties was a turning point inlife actress. In 1983, the most popular films were shot with her participation in the main role - "Mary Poppins, good-bye!" And "Military-field novel." In 1984, Natalia Andreichenko won the prize at the International Film Festival for the best female role.

Biography of the actress, of course, is rich in other roles in less known, but no less interesting films.

Personal life of actress

The first husband of Natalia Andreichenko is a Sovietcomposer Maxim Dunaevsky. But with him Natalia broke up in 1986, as she fell in love with the American director Maximilian Schell, who came to the USSR at that time to make a film about Peter the Great. Five years, she and Shelle lived in Russia, and then moved to the US, where they spent eleven more years of living together. From the first marriage, the actress has a son Mitya, from the second - Nastya's daughter.

Natallia Andreechenko Biography

Return to Russia

In the United States, Andreichenko was never able to implementherself as an actress. She starred in several films, but she did not bring the popularity that she had here. In 1999 Andreichenko Natalia Eduardovna returned to Russia with her son. The daughter stayed in America with her father. With Shell, they are still married, they are seen rarely, but they say that from this their love only grows stronger. Now the actress is acting in films and at the same time trying to realize herself in politics.