/ Natalya Rudnaya. Biography and personal life

Natalia Rudnaya. Biography and personal life

Natalia Rudnaya is an actress of the Soviet era,familiar to many fans of movies of the time. Films with her participation invariably became successful, and theatrical performances always collected full halls.

Family actresses

Natalia Rudnaya was born in Moscow on November 10, 1942year in the family of a journalist and translator from the German language. Parents were loaded with work, but Aunt Polya, a housekeeper, lived in their house, and she brought up little Natasha. Pelageya Ivanovna worked in noble families from her childhood. Was a noble storyteller.

The family lived in a small communal apartment in the very center of the capital. Neighbors were the "kindest" people, who periodically reported to Natalya's mother that she was a German by nationality.

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Rudnaya wanted to become a journalist, but VladimirAlexandrovich dissuaded his daughter. I was motivated by the fact that the journalist will have to write about many people and about Brezhnev, including, the journalist must also be party, and she was not on personal principles and the Komsomol member.

Theatrical activity

Then Natalia Vladimirovna went to the TheaterThe school named after Boris Shchukin, who graduated in 1963. After the school began to work in the Maly Theater. But after a while, the profession no longer pleased Natasha, and she left the stage of Maly and from the movie. And again, the parents were able to persuade her daughter, but on the contrary - not to quit her job. She decided to move to the Baltic States and began playing with her friend Natasha Zadorina on the stage of the Tallinn Russian Drama Theater.

But the acting profession is not for Natalia Rudnaya.She does not know how and does not want to break through, and in this profession it's a big flaw. But despite this, Natalia Vladimirovna is loved and remembered for her roles both in the theater and in the cinema.


The most significant film of the artist can be consideredpicture "Autumn". The heroines of the mid-seventies are beautiful, refined women. They put up with loneliness and yet they can not forgive vulgarity, selfishness to their chosen ones. The film is built on two opposite characters with a different approach to life. Two Natalies played their roles brilliantly. Natalia Rudnaya and Natalia Gundareva.

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Natalia Vladimirovna does not consider her role to bethe game was bright because it was in constant tension. And the operator disliked her, and was afraid to let her husband-director. Yes, and the shooting was unusual - with only one double. And this is very difficult. But all the experiences were left behind, and the viewer received an ageless film.

In 1981, Rudnaya became an actress of the theaterThe Soviet army, from which she left in 2008. Her last role was played in the movie "Communication". This picture is the directorial debut of Natalia's daughter. The film was attended by famous actors, such as Mikhail Porechenkov and Anna Mikhalkova.


Actress Natalia Rudnaya, whose personal life was very difficult, three times married. Only the third marriage was successful.

In her personal life Natalia Vladimirovna, as incareer, not everything was going smoothly. With Vitaly Solomin met, being students in 1962 at the play. Natasha was able to melt the heart of impregnable and cold Vitalik. A year later, they told their parents that they were getting married. The young family lived with her parents for the first time. But the marriage was not successful. A jealous husband who dreamed of a family comfort, and a wife who loved social events, eventually got divorced.

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After the divorce from Solomin, Natalia married director Andrei Smirnov. She gave him two daughters - Avdotya and Alexander. It was after the divorce with him that Natasha left for the Baltic States.

In 1984, Rudnaya marries "the very same one,the only "Sergei Lukin, with whom they have been together for thirty-two years. At first, because of the difference in age, Natalia did not take seriously the courtship of Sergei. But it was the man who was destined for destiny.

Sergei Alexandrovich entered Natasha's life then,when her father died. He took care of women. By his own business he proved that he was a man and a man. Raising his daughters Rudnoi as his own, he looked after his mother-in-law, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, until her death. My wife went out after a serious illness.


Natalia Rudnaya, whose biography was veryinteresting and exciting, believes that the strongest relationship between the pair is when they are built primarily on friendship. Love comes and goes, and friendship keeps people together.

The actress's daughters grew into creative personalities.Senior Dunya is the author of articles and essays, a film director, a screenwriter, a TV presenter. Younger Alexandra makes her career in London. By nature, the girls are completely different. The older is serious, but the younger laughter.

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At the present time, Natalia Vladimirovnais engaged in his favorite business - he writes short stories, which, incidentally, enjoy a certain success among fans of literature. Some of her works received well-deserved positive reviews from critics.