/ / Natalia Rogozhkina: biography and personal life of the actress

Natalia Rogozhkina: biography and personal life of the actress

Natalia Rogozhkina is a charming girl andtalented actress. Dozens of bright and memorable roles in her creative box. Do you want to know in which films Natalia Rogozhka was shot? Are you interested in the photo of the actress too? All this you will find in the article.

Natalia Rozhkina

Biography of Natalia Rogozhkina

The Russian actress was born on October 21, 1974 in Moscow. Her parents have nothing to do with movies. Natasha's father and mother are civil servants.

Childhood of our heroine was held in the solarBulgaria. They sent her father to work there. And he could not stay with his family for a long time. Natasha visited one of the Bulgarian schools. The girl had many friends in the class.

Soon Rogozhkin returned to Moscow.Natalia continued her studies at the Moscow secondary school. For a while she visited the drama circle. The girl arranged performances and outside the school scene. Her main spectator was my grandmother. Natasha came to visit her and arranged concerts. She pictured herself as Alla Pugacheva, Sofia Rotharu and other Russian pop stars.

Student years

Biography of Natalia Rogozhkina indicates thatshe wanted to become an actress from an early age. Not all relatives approve of her choice of profession. When our heroine graduated from high school and received a certificate, she faced a dilemma - go to a medical college or a theater school. The girl hesitated for a long time. But in the end she submitted documents to the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio. Rogozhkina brilliantly coped with the introductory tests. She was enrolled in the Pokrovskaya course.

Biography of Natallia Rogozhkina

Work in the theater

Natalya Rogozhkina (photo see above) was one of the best female students on the course.Therefore, after graduation, she did not have problems with employment. Red-haired beauty was invited to work in the Moscow Art Theater. Khudruk Oleg Tabakov saw in this girl an actor's talent and great creative potential. From the first days Natalia was involved in several performances. She played Donna Anna in "Little Tragedies", Michelle in "The Girl of the Beatles", Vivi in ​​"Professions of Miss Warren". Every year Rogozhkina's creative piggy bank replenishes with new theatrical roles.

Natalia Rogozhkina photo

Film career

For the first time on a broad screen, Natalya Rogozhkina appeared in the film "Stringer". It happened in 1998. She got the role of a red-haired girl.

The next picture with the participation of Rogozhkina - TV series«Kamenskaya». As you know, the main role went to Elena Yakovleva. But Natalia could play Camenskaya. Just the make-up artists could not "age" her face. Eyes issued a young graduate of a theatrical high school.

Natalia Rogozhkina is an actress who participated in the filming of dozens of domestic TV series. To their strength are "Truckers", "Instructor", "Marsh of Turkish" and others.

For 10 years, Natasha has played younggirls, inventive and self-confident. She was 100% fulfilling the tasks set by the directors. And once Rogozhkina offered an age role in the film "His wife." She was to play the mother-in-law of Stalin. The actress carefully studied the script and agreed to cooperate with the director of the film. Natasha played the mother of Nadezhda Alliluyeva in the age range from 42 to 55 years. She did not have any makeup on her.

Other films and roles of Natalia Rogozhkina:

  • "Pan or disappeared" (2003) - Agnieszka.
  • "Full speed ahead!" (2004) - Irina Svechkina.
  • "The most beautiful" (2005) - Alice.
  • "Happiness by prescription" (2006) - Lyuba Makhonina.
  • "Fathers and Children" (2008) - Anna Odintsova.
  • "Group of Happiness" (2011) - Light.
  • "Perfumes" (2013) - Nina Averyanova.
  • "Embracing the sky" (2014) - Lena Nagibina.
    Natalia Rogozhkina actress

Personal life

Natalia Rogozhkina has always been exemplary anda domestic girl. She did not attend discos and did not twist novels with the guys from the yard. Almost all her time the girl paid her tuition. And only as a student, she felt the spirit of freedom. Within the walls of the university Natasha met her future husband - Andrei Panin. The guy and the girl immediately liked each other. They lived in different rooms of the student hostel. Lovers had to look for secluded places for meetings. Soon Natasha began to come more and more often into the room to Andrei and stay with him for the night.

Soon Rogozhkina and Panin began to live together.Officially they were not married. The actress couple raised two sons - Alexander and Peter. The misfortune befell their family on March 6, 2013. On that day, under mysterious circumstances, Andrei Panin was killed.


Now you know where I studied, worked and with whom Natalia Rogozhkina lived. Let's wish this wonderful actress of female happiness and more interesting roles!