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Natalia Fateeva. Biography of the actress

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Natalia Fateeva, whose biography begins,as well as life itself - in Kharkov, was born on the eve of a wonderful holiday - the New Year. Her birthday is on December 23, the year 1934. The girl wanted to become an actress from a young age, and closer to the step to her dream she became after finishing school, enrolling in the Kharkov Theater Institute. She had magnificent inclinations to creative professions - she was incredibly artistic and musical. And all this, despite the fact that no one in her family was directly associated with art. Natasha's talent was confirmed already in the first year - she already then was awarded a personal scholarship.

Natalia had a spectacular appearance and excellentdiction. In addition, and charm was not deprived of Natalia Fateeva. Biography of these years describes a joyful event in the life of the girl - she is invited to Kharkov television as a speaker. In addition, she became one of the first ladies who worked in this field. But, unfortunately, the world at all times was full of envious people. Natalia is suddenly dismissed from the theater institute. But she did not give up, but decided to go to VGIK.

Despite all the difficulties that theherself Natalia Fateeva (the biography of any person is full of ups and downs), soon her affairs again began to rapidly improve. 1956 was significant for the girl - her debut in the role of Tanya Olenina, which she played in the movie "There is such a guy." In addition, Natalia was immediately taken to the fourth year of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography - for the first time in its history. In many ways, helped Sergei Gerasimov, inviting the actress to his studio.

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Soon Natalia Fateeva (her biography is further surprisingly cloudless) got married. The spouse was then the beginning director Vladimir Basov. The couple had a little son - Vladimir.

Then the biography of Natalia Fateeva describesquite a fruitful part of her life. She actively worked at the Theater. Yermolova, and in the performances "Two stubborn" and "Three comrades" played the main roles. However, all the joy was overshadowed by the unrestrained jealousy of her husband, who inevitably led their marriage to a logical conclusion.

Next actress Natalia Fateeva (biography of hercontinues to shine with its miraculous positivity) became even more famous, having played in the movie "Three plus two". The film was very popular. The gap with her husband was completely compensated by the success and career growth, as well as the care of Andrei Mironov, with whom the actress became friends during the filming.

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However, soon Natalia again played a wedding.Her head was swept by Boris Egorov - cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union. However, the hero was not at all capable of taking responsibility for real life. For the sake of Natalia, he abandoned his first family, but he also threw Fateev for the sake of his new "true love" - ​​Natalia's partner in the movie "Three Plus Two" by Natalya Kustinskaya. Have the "well-wishers" pushed the couple toward the rift, spreading gossip (or telling the truth?) About the novel of Fateeva with the Romanian singer Dan Spatar, with whom the actress starred in the film "Songs of the Sea."

The gap did not affect the life of Natalia. She was still in demand and since then she has appeared in many films, including in "Gentlemen of Fortune" and "The meeting place can not be changed."

Natalia Nikolaevna Fateeva is a People's Artist of the RSFSR (1984) and a Knight of the Order of Honor (2000).