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Natalia Sturm - biography and creativity

Today we will tell you who Natalia Sturm is. Her biography will be examined further. It's about the Russian singer and writer. Known as a performer of the composition "School novel".


наталья штурм
Natalia Sturm studied at the theater school.After her graduation she entered the Moscow State Conservatory. I chose the vocal class, the leader - Zurab Sotkilava. In 1984, Natalia Sturm entered the music school. Her teacher was SV Kaitanjyan. She graduated from the school in 1989. She became part of the Chamber Music Theater troupe. In 1989, she joined the State Folk Ensemble under the direction of Nazarov. In 1990 she studied at the Moscow State Institute of Culture.


Natalia Sturm in 1991Within the framework of the All-Russian contest "Show Queen" was awarded the first place and the prize of audience sympathy. This was the debut solo performance of our heroine. After that, she was a soloist for some time in the ensemble of the Jewish song called "Mitsva". In 1993 he met with Alexander Novikov. As a result, the creative cooperation of these people begins. He develops material for a couple of albums of our heroine, and also acts as the producer of these works. In 1997, the singer is invited to the series "Golden Palace". However, he never came to the screens. In the same period, she acts as the producer of her album called "Street Artist". In 2002, the clip "The Mirror of Love" comes out. Andrey Sokolov took part in it. However, the popularity of our heroine began to decline. She took up writing work, began to create novels, in particular detectives. Now Natalia is practically not engaged in music. Sometimes he performs in retro discos, corporate events and nightclubs.


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In 1994, Natalia Sturm recorded the album "I'm not an Inflatable", In 1995 - "The School Novel." In 1997, the album "Street Artist" appeared. In 2002, the singer released the album "The Mirror of Love".