/ / Natalia Rychkova: creativity, photo, personal life

Natalia Rychkova: creativity, photo, personal life

The chance to become popular and in demand falls outnot every actor. But such a person as Natalia Rychkova, was able to get it and skillfully disposed of it. Her face became recognizable after the release of the series "Do not be born beautiful." There she played the eccentric and vivid role of Juliana. After that, Natalya became a well-demanded actress and began to appear in various films and telenovela.

Biographical sketch

Natalia Rychkova was born in Moscow, on March 6, 1981of the year. Her parents are not representatives of the acting profession. The mother has a pedagogical education, and the father in his youth was a professional hockey player of the Omsk city team. Work in theater and film is Natalia's personal choice, which she did in her youth. The future People's Artist was trained in the Slavic Institute at the Faculty of Actors. Her main mentor in her student years was the well-known folk artist Lyudmila Ivanova. Teachers noted that Rychkova has extraordinary talent, and contributed to the development of her future acting career.

Natalia Rychkova

Work in the theater

In 2002, Natalia Rychkova replenishes the actingthe ranks of the Moscow New Drama Theater. Due to her bright appearance, non-standard manners and expressive diction, she receives many main roles. Especially surprised the audience and her colleagues she managed to play Ophelia in the production of "Hamlet", because in this role, she had not tried herself before. Critics immediately noted the positive reviews of this work of the actress, and also responded well about her playing in the play "Jokers".

Premiere in the cinema

Cult, fashionable, bright and very goodmemorable series "Not Born Beautiful" became the first television project, in which Natalia Rychkova took part. Photos and posters with the main characters, including herself, before the premiere, flew all the magazines and the Internet. The actress got the role of public relations manager Juliana Vinogradova, a bright careerist with diverse talents. In the first half of the project, Rychkov appears only occasionally to the viewer, creating a real furor by his presence. In the series of the second part of the series, Juliana becomes the best friend of the main character, and her dialogs are filled almost all the minutes of the air.

Natalia Rychkova photo

Further work on television

The second cult series for Natalya became"Hot Ice", where she worked with such national talents as Ekaterina Guseva, Anna Bolshova, and others. Her role was not the main thing, but her character, like last time, was eccentric and memorable. After this series, Natalia Rychkova starred in the movie "The Mermaid", "Champion", "Freud's Method", "Maiden's Hunt" and many others. Her last work was the role of Valeria Varshavina in the telenovela "Glaciers" in the part called "Snake Nest".

Natalia Rychkova: personal life

In her numerous interviews the famousthe Russian actress of theater and cinema does not say anything at all about her personal happiness. She told a lot to journalists about her father, a professional hockey player in the past and a coach in the present. She shares the achievements of her own brother and openly declares an unlimited love for her mother. It's hard for the fans to believe that at the age of 36, Natalia, being so famous, attractive and talented, has not yet found a man who has become the love of her life. Many people assume that in fact, Rychkova has a strong family, but there is no official information about the marriage of the actress.

Natalia Rychkova personal life

Many hope that Natalia simply protects her happiness and does not divulge her chosen one to the world. After all, as everyone knows, you will be happy and loved until no one else knows about it.