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Secrets of beauty: how to clean a fringe?

The bangs are a fashionable addition to the hairstyle, but shesometimes can get bored. There are many options for how to stab it, so it was not clear if it exists at all. In this article we will tell you how to clean a bang. Variants can be different, but directly depend on how long it has.

how to clean bangs

How to clean a bang a short?

1. Using a hair clip

There can be several options. The most common is stabbing from behind. We take a bang, take it back, as far as its length allows, and fix it.

2. Weave in a pigtail

If the main part of the hair has an average (ormore) length, then you can weave a bang in a pigtail. At the same time we begin to weave either from the temple of one side and, grabbing the locks, we move to the other side, or from the beginning of the bang, moving to its end.

3. Include in the composition of fleece

For this we also need a varnish, preferably a strong fixation. We make the hair on the back of the head, we comb the bangs back and plentifully squirt with the styling agent.

4. Put the bezel over the bangs

For bulk hair, you can pre-hair comb.

how to remove a straight bang

How to clean a bang of medium length?

1. Pigtail

With a bang of medium length,easier. All the same, it can be hidden in a pigtail, starting the weaving or from the temple, or from the beginning of the bang. For the volume of the strand from it you can pull out a little, then the hair will look more magnificent.

2. Include a bundle or tail:

  • grab a bang together with other hair;
  • comb the bangs, wind it to the back of the head and fix it with an invisible, and collect the rest of the hair in the tail or in a bun.

How to clean a long bang?

A long bang is most often a grown fringe.It is much easier to handle with it than with other variants, since with time the difference between it and the main mass of hair is noticeable less. In this case, quite often women, to get rid of bangs, do a haircut "Little Scaffold". The shortest "step" in it is the bangs.

how to remove a long fringe photo

1. How to remove a straight bang?

Включить в состав прически.A grown fringe, if it is used, for example, when creating a three-dimensional beam, a braid, a tail will be completely invisible. To make a romantic image, you can pin a bang on the side, that is, you do not need to start it back, but simply fix it with invisible means in the ear region or a little further - depending on the length of the hair. Also, it is possible to make locks that are part of the bangs out of the hair, and leave them separately, after winding.

2. Divide the bangs into strands and connect with the main hairdo

For this we allocate several parts and abundantlywe grease them with hair gel, then we twist each curl, we put everything together and with the help of invisible hair we attach it to the main hairstyle. This option will look great with a Greek rim.

3. How to remove a long bang (the photo can be seen below), if it is oblique?

In this case, use hairpins, invisible, rim, napes, weave.

In this article we told how to remove the bangs.The options can actually be much more, the most important thing is your imagination. And bangs now - this is popular and fashionable, plus to everything they help bring variety to the hairstyle.