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How to quickly grow bangs: popular ways

Many girls dream of a luxurious, smooth,silky, healthy hair that could descend from the shoulders of a gentle smooth wave. In pursuit of ideals, beauties of the 21st century put their locks to various experiments that affect the health of the hair is not very good. Often there are cases that with long hair completely have to say goodbye: the haircut is the surest and, perhaps, the best solution for getting rid of sick, sloppy and spoiled hair.

The main question, which is set by the majoritymodern ladies who decided to make a forced short haircut: "How soon to regain its length?". But there is one more problem in the world. If almost every girl can resign herself with short hair, then with a short bang she often has depression and experiences. Let's list the shortcomings of a bang of a small length:

How much can you grow a bang

1. The bangs are not suitable for everyone, but with a small length it does not look stylish and emphasizes the imperfections of the face.
2. Hiding and packing it is a very troublesome business.

Thus, after an unsuccessful experimenthairdresser a huge number of women try to do everything possible to find out how to quickly grow a bang and at the same time make it healthy, well-groomed and silky.

Everyone can grow their bangs. Let's choose for ourselves the best way to solve the question "how to quickly grow a bang":

1. Every day to do a head massage.
2. Use proven cosmetics.
3. Folk recipes.

Practice shows that girls choose the way,not only bringing convenience and comfort, but also proven. Let's consider the most famous and tested techniques that help to grow not only the bangs, but all the hair.
Many women are tormented by the question:"How much can you grow a bang?". It is impossible to give an exact answer, since each person has this individually. Nevertheless, it can be said that, on average, the growth of a bang takes two or three weeks

How to quickly grow a bang
The most effective and popular means for rapid hair growth is red pepper. Of course, you do not need to rub your scalp, but you can do masks and tonics.

So, how quickly to grow a bang?It is recommended to make a mask of red pepper. To do this, mix the tincture of alcohol with water in equal amounts, add balsam or burdock oil, then the most important ingredient is red pepper. Necessary proportions: for two tablespoons of water, two tablespoons of tincture, one or two tablespoons of burdock oil, two spoons of red pepper.

But do not always worry about howgrow bangs quickly. The photo of the model presented below demonstrates to us that a short bang can look nice. Success is in the care of hair and proper styling.

How to grow bangs fast photos

But if such an option does not suit you, you canmake another great mask for rapid hair growth. You will need egg yolks and kefir. These two simple products bring great health benefits to the hair. First mix two or three yolks, add half a cup of kefir. Carefully apply mass to the scalp. Hold for 30 minutes, and you can flush.

We hope that we were able to answer the question: "How quickly to grow a bang?"