/ How to trim a bang yourself?

How to cut your bang yourself?

how to cut a thick bang
Челка – это модная часть прически, которая легко will help you in two accounts to change your hair style. Regardless of whether it is an independent element or part of the haircut, cutting it yourself is quite realistic. If you do not have enough time and desire to write to a hairdresser, then our article on how to trim a bang at home will be helpful.

Preparing for a haircut

So, if you did decide on your ownyou have to have: a mirror, sharp scissors with thin and short blades, a few pins for fixing hair, a comb with denticles and daylight. Beforehand, we note that you only need to cut your hair dry, otherwise you risk not getting what you expected, because when the bang dry, it will become much shorter. Therefore, in order not to experiment, do not wet your hair or wait until it dries. If you have prepared everything, then we are ready to tell you how to trim your bang to yourself. We wish you good luck!

Option 1. How to trim a bang straight?

how to trim a bang

For a start, we take back the hair that wewill not be needed, so that they do not interfere with us and do not fall under the "hot" hand. Then the future bang, the size of which you choose yourself, we divide not several parts. Begin to shorten the first segment, do it slowly and without capturing a lot of hair, leaving some length for correction. The angle between scissors and strands should not be 45 or more degrees, because you risk unevenly shorten the hair. After one part of the hair is ready, go to the other. Landmark - the length of the first strand that we have processed. After that we comb our hair and see if everything is smooth. If we notice the knocked-out locks, we shorten them. Just in case, repeat this procedure again.

Option 2. How to cut a fringe bang yourself?

how to cut a fringe bang yourself

As in the first variant, first we removeunnecessary to us hair. Then we make cuts on the shortest side and on the longest. Too shorten the hair is not necessary, remember that the bangs should not be above the eyebrows. Then, focusing on the notches, we slowly connect the two edges, moving the scissors diagonally. Pay attention, that at once it is not necessary to cut a lot of hair, do it gradually so that in case of an error, it would be possible to correct the length. Then we comb the bangs and see if it matches what we expected. If there are broken strands, then shorten them.

Option 3. How to cut a thick bang?

The technology of haircuts does not differ fromExamined with the exception that the shock of hair is sheared by layers. That is, first we take a string, located in the middle of a potential bang, cut it off, and the next strands with a shear, focusing on the length of the first. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that a thick version of the bangs is used to emphasize the splendor of the hair. If your hair is not thick, but very rare, then do not resort to it.

So, now you know how to trim your bang yourself. Do it at home is quite simple, the main thing is that you have all the tools you need for this, and also do not tremble your hands!