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how to properly trim a bang and not get depressed

Hair decorates a woman.And it does not matter whether it's long curls, with flirty curls, or a playful haircut. Carefully laid hair, with shiny curls, it is unlikely that anyone will be left indifferent.
Есть ещё одна многозначительная тонкость в the hair of a modern dandy is a bang. And now from this moment the question arose before her, and not even one: "What kind of bangs to choose, how beautiful it is to lay, how to cut your bangs properly with your own hands?"

First you need to decide what type you haveface, and what hair, and then decide how to properly trim the bangs. Those who have a face type square, oval and round - fit oblique and long, versatile bangs, it can become your decoration.

If you have a long, elongated face of a rectangular type, then long and geometric, can soften a somewhat heavy chin.
Narrow and small face, will decorate a bang a dense andDeaf, decorated from the ear to the ear. But it is not at all suitable for those young people whom nature has awarded with a round, large face. The owner of a large forehead and broad cheekbones, even to think it is necessary to forget about a short, perky bang.

There is one universal bang that will fitall without exception - it's direct and up to the eyebrows. And the question of how to trim a straight bang correctly, will not be relevant if you know how to do it right.
A few more tips that need to be considered,decided on a bang. Do not forget about age and growth. Girls of short stature do not need to make a magnificent, combed bang, this will make them even lower, and the head will look too big. But "zalizannost", does not adorn the young ladies tall and full, their head will seem too small for such a body.

And now about the type of hair, as for the bangs, it matters.
With thin hair is recommended a deaf person,which begins above the hair line on the vertex. Visually, the hair will appear more lush, bulky and thick. Curly hair is unpredictable, difficult to lay, so a thick whirlwind will not be in the best condition. Naughty and hard do not need to cut short, otherwise they will stick out. The best option - medium length, a thin little chelochka.

Hunting - more than bondage, you really want to change something with your hair, and you decide to cut your hair. And how to properly trim a bang you will help some tips.

1. You need to choose the sharpest scissors that you have in the house.
2. Separate the bangs from the bulk of hair, clip the hairpins are not necessary, so as not to interfere, and the individual dropped hairs do not mix with the bang.
3. We cut only dry hair.If you do this with wet hair, you risk cutting off more than necessary. Indeed, after drying, they tend to rise. You will be unpleasantly surprised to see your bangs two centimeters shorter. Better to leave a couple of extra centimeters.
4. If you have curly hair, then you need to cut a little less than you would like, as the curls, curling in curls, will rise.
5. It is necessary to cut the bangs very carefully, under the angles of 45 degrees, taking small strands slightly.

These are basic tips that concern the question,how to cut the bangs. The main thing to remember is that oblique bangs are not suitable for everyone, and in addition, curly hair is not clipped to oblique bangs. But how to properly cut a slanting bang, there are some nuances. Or you will have to go back to laying every time you go somewhere. First, lubricate a special smoothing cream, and then lay a round brush. In the correct hairstyle of oblique bangs, it is necessary to draw a strip on the level that you need. If this does not work out visually, draw a line with a cosmetic pencil. And the rest, all the recommendations are similar.

And now the main thing: trust your head to professionals! Otherwise, a bad mood for several months, and, possibly, depression, is provided for you.