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How to trim a bang on the side: instruction

Если вы решились изменить свой имидж, то челка на the side is the most fashionable element of the female hairstyle. It can hide some of the shortcomings, for example, a high forehead, and it is advantageous to emphasize facial features. Of course, with this desire it is better to go to the salon to a professional. But how to trim a bang on the side, without resorting to the services of a hairdresser? Knowing some rules, you can easily learn the basics of this case. It is not difficult to do it yourself. Some people are afraid to be cut with their own hands because the bangs can turn out to be uneven or too short. But in fact, even without the proper experience, you can achieve good results. Some tips can help you with this.

how to trim bangs on the side

For hairstyles with a bang on the side you will need:

- Thin comb for hair;

- Round brush for styling;

- hair gel;

- scissors for a hairstyle;

- Special scissors for filing;

- a mirror;

- barrette.

Instructions for haircuts

1.Before you trim your bangs on your side, you should thoroughly wash and dry your hair. If the hair is cut wet, then when drying bangs will be shorter than the length, which sheared. But the hair that curls, you can cut evenly in a wet kind. For this, the hair is moistened, combed and cut with a margin.

Совет:if there is a question about how to trim a bang: on its side, straight or in a semicircle, or if you are not sure that hairdos with a bangs will suit you, you can try experimenting with programs on the computer. Find them is not difficult. Women's braids are of different shapes, length and volume, you can choose a suitable haircut for you.

hairstyles with a bang on the side

2.In the beginning, we determine which side is preferable to parting. Then we outline the length of the bangs from the beginning to the end. Scissors, when cutting, are kept at an angle of 45 °. Cut off the top down with small movements, along the entire length of the bangs. So it turns out smooth and beautiful.

3. Для челки отделяем волосы треугольным пробором.The rest, if they interfere, we fix with a barrette. The bangs are well combed and begin to be cut at an angle from one eyebrow to the other. If the hairline is not very clear, you can go through the scissors again. But if you still did not guess with the length and cut it too short, do not despair, because the hair grows very quickly, and soon their length will reach the desired.

Women's fringe
4.At the end of the haircut, you need to scroll several times with a pair of scissors for filing vertically along the bangs. If the density of hair suits you, then you can not file completely. To lay a bang it is necessary by means of a round brush, stretching to the ends and lifting from roots. You need to style your hair, twisting it on one side (although experiments are welcome!).

At present, a special clip for bangs has appeared in the shops. Using it, you can achieve a perfectly clear line and the desired length.

Теперь вы знаете, как подстричь челку на бок.With its help, you can adjust the contour of the face, making it more proportional and clear. This hairstyle is recommended for both young girls and older women, because it visually reduces age, adds sexuality and charm.