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How to lay a long bang in the home

With a bang any haircut will look more effective.A small hairdresser's cunning will make your image complete. In occasion of the length and shape it is better to consult with a professional hairdresser. Based on his advice, skill and knowledge, you will be able to understand how to beautifully arrange the bangs of the house, emphasize the look, hide the imperfections of the face and visually look younger. With the help of small tricks you can always look great.

how to lay a long bang

How to lay a long bang beautifully?

This part of the hairstyle needs to be taken care ofevery day, because this is the "calling card" of your appearance. Owners of long bangs are given the opportunity to experiment, use their imagination to create an image. Using a hairdryer and special tools, it's easy to change the image. For styling with bangs, a gel is needed. The long bangs should be smooth, not divided into strands. However, it should be remembered that it is necessary to apply the gel evenly to achieve the desired result. If you overdo it, the hair will look untidy. Remember that to achieve the smoothness of a long bang when drying, the hot air stream must be directed downward. Ragged bangs fit differently and require careless laying and drying. This will give your image of audacity.

how to beautifully tuck a bang
For each bang its own styling rules.With this part of the hairdo, you can do anything with a mousse or foam on hand. Dry bangs, apply a small amount of foam. Then separate it with your fingers and dry it a little.

How to lay a long bang back?

It's very simple, it takes only a little time.Keeps this styling throughout the day. The longer the bangs, the more beautiful and elegant you can make. To do this, it is necessary to lift the hair vertically and comb it from the middle of the length. Then the ends of the bangs lay back and fastened with invisible or hairpins. At the end of the done, the hairdo must be fixed with lacquer.

How to lay a long bang back that has grown?

stowage with bangs
If the hair has grown back and climb into the eyes, you can withoutspecial effort to beautifully make strands. As a result, you can not only remove the extra length, but also give the image a romantic look. If the basic length of hair allows you to wind curls, you can safely arm yourself with a curling iron or curlers. The result should be fixed with varnish or mousse for fixation. A long bang can be nicely plaited. To do this, you need to start doing this from the ends, leading the braid to the ear, and secure it neatly with invisibility.

How to lay a long bang back, if there is no time for stacking?

For those who do not want to spend time laying,the easiest way is to use different rims. Such a hairstyle will solve the problem of getting hair in the eyes and give the image elegance and severity.

To create this image, you need to comb itbang back, fix with rim. As you can see, now you can lay bangs in a few minutes. Most importantly - do not be afraid to experiment, use the styling tools to help you change. It all depends on your desire and imagination.