/ How to arrange a bang in various ways?

How to arrange a bang in different ways?

Every girl loves to change her appearance,trying on more and more new images. Then she wants to cut her hair, then dye her hair, then put her hair in a different way. In this article, I will talk about how to arrange the bangs so that each day be different and interesting.

How to lay a bang
The bang should necessarily approach to an oval of yoursface. A long bangs with stacked strings will go round the face. Square - asymmetrical elongated or curled strands on both sides. Triangular - a straight or a rare careless bangs, laid on one side. Well, the oval face is suitable for any, but the best option will be oblique elongated, sideways.

Now you need to determine what it is you have, and based on this, decide how to put it.

How to lay a mature fringe?

Otrosshaya bangs cause a lot of trouble becauseconstantly climbs on the eyes. If you do not know how to lay a bang that has already grown, try sprinkling it with hairspray and combing it in the right direction. You can try to curl it out, so that your image will become more feminine. In order to lay it on one side, use hairpins with a bright pattern or invisibility. If you want to open your forehead, comb the hair back and use silk scarves, rims or hairpins to fix it.

If you have a long bang, you can split iton a part and each of the parts to twist, attaching them to the back of the head. You can try to lay bangs on both sides. To do this, apply mousse on it, divide into two parts and spread the strands to the sides.

How to put a bang on one side
Romantic bangs can be made with foamfor hair and curling irons. First, apply mousse to damp hair and dry with a hairdryer and comb. After that, it's time to wind the locks on the hair pincers and lay them on one side. In the end, you can sprinkle the bangs with varnish, before straightening the strands.

Long bangs can be combed, then align the upper layer of hair and stab in the back.

If you have a long slanting fringe, then laying it, know that it should not decay. Fix it with a varnish and smooth with a comb.

If you have an asymmetrical bang, take a little gel and select individual strands.

If you are the owner of curly hair, use a straightening agent.

If you have a short straight fringe, then you need to lay it with a hair dryer and massage comb. The air stream must be directed from the top down. To make a bang perfectly smooth, use ironing.

How to Arrange the Bangs

How to put a bang on one side?

Folded bangsowner of femininity and charm. If you do not know how to pack a bang, follow these tips: Wash your hair and dry it with a round comb and hot hair dryer, guiding the strands to the side with a comb. Dry the lower strands, and then proceed to the upper strands. When the bangs dry, comb it with a comb with denticles and sprinkle with hairspray. Very beautifully, if you weave it in a braid.

I hope that now you know how to lay bangs, and will be able to create new unique images every day. I wish beauty and good mood!