/ How beautifully to pin a fringe?

How beautiful to pin a bang?

Many girls are wearing a bang today.And from time to time she gets bored. The bangs are that part of the hairstyle that you can not get rid of with scissors. But a bang can be stabbed. Someone she just tired, someone - grown and climbs in my eyes, and time to visit the hairdresser is not enough, someone bangs at work. And then the girls ask themselves the question: "How beautiful to pin a bang?". Beautifully stabbed bangs - this is an important detail, emphasizing the individuality of the one that wears it. It will allow you to work comfortably, play sports, play with children and just look great.

How to beautifully pin a bang
The reasons for wondering about how beautifulto pin a bang, maybe a few. First of all, this is the desire to change the image. Buckling is a long process that can get bored. Otrosshaya fringe begins to creep into my eyes, prevents me from seeing normally. And the only way out is to pin it. Perhaps you do not want to get rid of bangs, but just do not find the time to put it in order, why is it hindering you? As a temporary measure, the use of hairpins is also suitable. Or maybe you just love experiments with your appearance? Then many ways how to beautifully pin a bang, you will be very useful.

Another reason to pin a bang is a long walk in the fresh air. In the wind, the bangs will only get in the way and look disheveled.

stitching of a long bang
To pin bangs in such a way thatthe resulting hair was neat and beautiful. It should match the occasion, the style of clothing and makeup. In other words, choosing the way to stab bangs, you need to think about what image it will complement.

So how beautiful to pin a bang?First of all, you need to wash your head so that the bangs are clean. Before laying on it, you can put a little mousse or other remedy that suits your hair type. Then you need to separate the bangs. To do this, use a flat comb. So that the hair does not interfere anymore, and

Beautiful hairstyles with bangs
x better to collect back.To dry the bangs, you need to use a hairdryer and a round comb, then it will be smooth, smooth and will perfectly lie. Then dry the rest of the hair. Now you can begin to pin a bang.

Whatever the length of your bang, there isuniversal ways to stab it beautifully. The first option is a high semi-tail. This styling of a long bang or bang of medium length rejuvenates the face and refreshes it. To do this, you need to collect a bang together with a small part of the hair adjacent to it, comb it to the crown and stab it, forming a half-tail. Playful and easy hairstyle is obtained if you divide the bangs into several parts, fold them into flagella and fasten on the head. The rest of the hair can be slightly curled. It's simple, beautiful and fast. Hairstyle is ideal for walking. You can also just smoothly comb the bangs back and fix it with invisible ones. Beautiful hairdos with bangs can be done if you smoothly fix the bangs sideways.

A long bang can be curled and gathered from the side.This is an option in retro style. You can make a naughty disco style, combing your hair back or sideways. Another interesting way is to braid the pigtail from the bangs and fix it to the side. The options that allow you to select the original bangs are very numerous. Be creative and get a fresh and interesting hairdo.