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Manicure with an owl: ideas, features, photo

Once afford the painted nails couldexcept that teenage girls. Then this fashion unfolded in the opposite direction, giving pictures on the nails of glamorous girls with above-average prosperity. Nails with a painting had more to do with status than with style.

Today everything has changed.We often see stylish and spectacular nails from a wide variety of women. The number of all sorts of ideas for registration can not but rejoice. And the recently emerged universal obsession with owls, of course, affected the nail design. So today we'll talk about the owl manicure.

manicure with owl

This idea is still quite fresh and unheeded, many different techniques can be used to implement it. Some of them quite allow you to make a beautiful manicure with an owl even with your own hand.

Preparatory work

Before you start decorating, swipenecessary hygienic procedures. Give nails the desired shape, be sure to make sure that all ten had the same length. Sand the nail file.

manicure with owls gel varnish

Apply a special oil to the cuticle, treat with appropriate tools.

Owl on a branch

To do a manicure with an owl, which you see in the next photo, you need some artistic skills.

manicure with owls photo

If you practice drawing pictures on a draft, the result on the nails will be much more accurate. A step-by-step instruction will help you understand all the subtleties of the process.

  1. Apply a coating of the base color on the nails of both hands. Allow it to dry completely.
  2. Draw a contour of the owl figurine on the middle finger nail. Use a thin brush and black lacquer.
  3. Paint the body white. Allow to dry.
  4. Manicure with an owl will look more spectacular, if you detail the bird. Draw black wings, feathers, eyes.
  5. With the same brush, continue working on the other nails. The branch on which the owl sits will pass through two adjacent nails. You can add flowers and leaves.

Whether to draw a symmetrical owl on the second hand is up to you. Perhaps a few twigs with leaves will suffice?


manicure with a picture of an owl

Very impressive looks the next manicure witha drawing of an owl. Here the theme of the "special nail" is played. Apply a base coat - a white lacquer, wait until it dries. With the help of an applicator and a black lacquer, make a gradient on all nails, except for nameless ones. In the middle of the "special nail" draw a thin black beak and a pair of yellow eyes. Add black feathers to all marigolds.

Juicy colors

Summer is the ideal time to do a manicure with owls, the photo of which is presented below.

manicure with owls gel varnish

You will need 4 varnishes: white, black, two bright.For example, a rich blue and grassy green. Paint with white lacquer one nail on each hand, and while they dry, apply blue and green lacquer on the remaining nails in random order. One owl draw blue, the second green. Use the same method we discussed above.

Ready images

An excellent solution for those who have just started to learn how to make a beautiful manicure with an owl - decals. They are very common, you can easily find them in any store of goods for manicure.

manicure with owl

Strictly follow the instructions attachedmanufacturer. You can decorate and all 10 nails, and some of them. This decoration is perfectly combined with a colored jacket and moon manicure. Decal pictures have a number of advantages:

  • low price;
  • prevalence;
  • small time costs;
  • a huge number of stories;
  • small details that can not be painted with a brush.


If all the work is in vain and the result of their ownart does not suit you, and the search for suitable decal pictures did not succeed, do not despair. There is another way to get the desired manicure with owls. Gel-lacquer and professional master of nail design are able to realize any dreams. Consult a professional, design the design together and rely on the experience of the master.

 manicure with owls gel varnish

Covering nails with shellac is not only verynice and neat, but also practical. The owl painted by usual varnish "will live" in the best case of day 3-4, but the varnish-gel will relieve you of cares of nails for at least a couple of weeks.