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European manicure - what is it? The answer is simple!

Manicure has become an integral part of lifemodern man, not only women, but also men. Coming to the salon, what do we see? Price list of prices for services. And among the services - various versions of manicure: edging, hardware, European and others. And then the question arises: "European manicure - what is it?" What does he mean? Here everything is quite simple.

european manicure what it is

European manicure - what is it?

Among other types of such a manicure is differentspecial security. The risk of entering any infection, fungus or injury is reduced to zero. Why is that? Because the cuticle is not cut. What does the cuticle have to do with it? And despite the fact that its main task is to protect the nail root from infection. She carefully protects the nail bed at the root, taking a blow at yourself. By the way, why it is necessary to carefully remove the burrs. If this is done incorrectly, it is possible to cause injury to the cuticle, after which it begins to fester and ache. European manicure - what is it? This is a manicure without the use of metal instruments. The cuticle is removed exclusively with the help of a special device that cleaves it. It either falls off itself, or it is removed with an orange stick and a nail file. This helps to preserve its structure, protect the skin and the root of the nail itself. With this type of manicure is used:

  • the file is soft;
  • polishing file;
  • oil for softening the cuticle;
  • Cuticle oil;
  • means for nails.

The latter can be both a fixer and a varnishfor nails. Depending on your desire. Under the nail polish necessarily apply a base that provides durability of manicure and preserves the natural nail from the effect of the color pigment in the varnish.

european manicure photo

European manicure with Shellac coating

Before coating with gel-varnish,masters bring their nails in order. For this, the European manicure is most often used. One difference is that all the oils are applied after Shellac has been applied. Otherwise, there is a risk that the coating will not last a specified period. The technology is simple:

  1. First remove the cuticle.
  2. Then a free edge is created.
  3. Remove the side rollers.
  4. Apply the base under Shellac.
  5. Apply the main color (sometimes in two layers).
  6. Then fasten all the top coat to Shellac.
  7. Treat the cuticle with oil.

Each of the Shellac layers is thoroughly dried inUV or LED-lamp. In salons, there are often examples of what a European manicure looks like. A photo of its stages can be found in magazines to know what it really is. Its safety is confirmed by a lot of research and experiments.

European manicure with shellac coating

Instead of output

Unfortunately, this type of manicure does not suit everyone.Very neglected nails, the cuticles of which have not been processed for a long time, need a combined or trimmed manicure. If the cuticle grows very quickly, it is advisable to cope with special means at home, and not just in the salon. So, the European manicure - what is it? In a nutshell - it's a safe and reliable way to stop the growth of the cuticle and have well-groomed nails.